CASE CLOSED: Trafficker Arrested After Running for 5 Years!

On Friday, September 20th, AIM SWAT together with the T’Bong Khmom police were finally able to arrest the woman who is believed to be responsible for trafficking a 16-year-old girl back in 2014. She had promised the girl a well-paying job but instead forced her to work at a KTV and have sex with customers there.

Our team had worked with local authorities when the case originated 5 years ago, but at the time the woman had fled. The case has remained open and, upon learning she had recently returned, an arrest plan was made and executed. She was then charged with child sex trafficking-related offenses and will remain in prison until the trial, where AIM’s legal team will represent the victim, now an adult living safely at home, in all forthcoming proceedings.

Suspect under arrest by officers of the T’Bong Khmom Police and AIM SWAT.
This case shows our dedication to justice and ensuring that these abusers and traffickers are never able to hurt anyone else ever again.

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