AIM School Updates

When we started a school in Cambodia thirteen years ago, we did it to protect at-risk children from being trafficked. We also knew that a quality education for the children in Svay Pak provides greater opportunities for the next generation. Join us as we reflect on some of the exciting moments this school year held!
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Healing Is Happening

For the girls who come into our Restoration Home in Cambodia, we get to have a Queen Clarisse - Princess Mia moment. We get to tell them, often for the first time, that they are the daughter of THE King during our Princess Ceremonies. 
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The Web of AIM

How is a church connected with a SWAT Team? How does a school support an Employment Center? What does the journey of healing for a survivor at AIM really look like? 
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Learning for Life

From Kindergarten through grade 6, students at the AIM School learn how to read, write, add and subtract, and more book-smart education like most of us had the privilege to learn in elementary school. However, there’s something else these children are learning - they are developing life skills that will protect their futures and break the cycle of exploitation in their community. 
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