BREAKING: AIM recognized for efforts in reducing trafficking in persons in Cambodia

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Co-Founders of AIM’s Anti-Trafficking Initiatives, Don and Bridget Brewster, along with their grandson, Dominick, were recently presented a letter of commendation from Lieutenant General Pol Phie They, a huge honor in Cambodia culture. During their time together, General Pol Phie They spoke highly of AIM and at one point noted, “AIM’s efforts greatly contributed to Cambodia’s improved TIP (Trafficking in Persons) Report rating.” The letter of commendation has been translated from Khmer to English below.

In addition to the commendation, the general also joined AIM’s 22 Movement. The 22 Movement connects the dots between pornography and sex trafficking and calls men around the globe to come together to raise awareness of the issue and to end pornography use and sex trafficking all together.

Learn more about, and join, the 22 Movement HERE.

Everyone here at AIM is truly honored to receive this commendation and what it means in the fight against trafficking in Cambodia. Here’s to many more years of partnership and to move victories in the fight against trafficking![/vc_column_text][wbc_button button_text=”Give Today!” link=”url:%2Fdonate||target:%20_blank|”][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]LETTER OF COMMENDATION
(translated from Khmer to English)

Ministry of Interior
General Commissariat of Cambodia National Police
Central Department of Judicial Police
Anti-human Trafficking and Juvenile Protection Department
Ref: 352/16

Report on cooperation between Anti-human Trafficking and Juvenile Protection Department of Cambodia National Police (AHTJP) with AIM SWAT.

For over 2 years, AHTJP has cooperated with AIM SWAT to collect and do investigation with regard to human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation in Cambodia and have done 47 raids by arresting 94 suspects and rescuing 283 victims including 131 minors.

Also, AIM SWAT has provided Cambodian National Police with various trainings with 250 participants on Police Tactical Operational and Firearm and Internet Open Source Intelligence, Undercover Investigation and Operational Order.

Based on the above-mentioned results, AHTJP certifies that the cooperation between AHTJP and AIM SWAT with regard to data collection and investigation of human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation and police capacity building trainings provided by AIM SWAT has been very good and going smoothly with fruitful results.

Therefore, AHTJP fully supports these results and the continued cooperation between AHTJP and AIM SWAT.

AHTJP Director

Lieut. Gen. Pol Phie They