BREAKING: 1st Arrest from New Internet Investigation Wing of AIM Rescue Team!


At around midnight on Friday, the 10th of June, a 62-year-old Dutch male currently living in Australia named Bert Grammen was arrested in his hotel room in central Phnom Penh. The arrest occurred after just making a pornographic movie with a Khmer woman that he intended to distribute over the internet.

The case was the first arising from AIM Rescue Team’s new internet investigation wing and was conducted by the AIM Rescue Team together with the Phnom Penh Department of Anti-Human Trafficking and Juvenile Protection Police (AHTJP). Investigations showed that Grammen had made and distributed more than 70 pornographic movies involving himself with teenage girls and young women over the last 2 years, both in Cambodia and the Philippines, and that he was traveling to Cambodia to make more.

During the surveillance operation conducted prior to the arrest, a Khmer broker was identified as supplying women for Grammen. This broker was also arrested when attempting to leave the hotel, while the woman he had supplied to the suspect was rescued. The search of the suspect’s room led to the seizure of evidence confirming he had just made a pornographic movie with the woman. During interviews, all parties admitted they had just made a pornographic movie and Grammen admitted to distributing previous movies over the internet.  Both Grammen and the broker have been charged with the production and distribution of pornographic material and remanded to prison to await trial.

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Searching Room 6.10.16L
AHTJP Officers searching Grammen’s room (Grammen is seen in the background)