June 2016 Prayer Updates

“Hear me, Lord, my plea is just; listen to my cry. Hear my prayer – it does not rise from deceitful lips.” – Psalm 17:1

God is working in Cambodia and He’s moving His people to do mighty things! This June, history was made with the first virgin trade case in Cambodia in several years, we witnessed a girl’s return home from China and the Lord’s Gym and AIM Clinic are out in the community making home visits.

And while we have much for which to give praise, we also have quite a bit to lift up in prayer. From the outreach of Rahab’s House Church and the need for more jobs in Svay Pak to the construction of AIM Restoration Home and the health of our staff and those in our care. Join us in praying over the specific needs within each of our programs.

Thank you for lifting up these requests alongside us! 



  • China Rescues – Last week, a girl fled China and returned back home to Cambodia safely within the same day. Lord, we give You praise for this precious girl who has returned home to Cambodia. We thank You for a safe reentry and we pray for Your hand of comfort & protection over her today and the days to come.
  • AIM Employment Centers (AEC) Join us in the excitement of celebrating that all 3 AECs are run by Cambodian directors. Lord, we give You praise! We thank You for the leadership of the expat staff all these years and for the training and mentoring that they’ve provided to our Cambodian staff. Lord, we thank You for raising up leaders from within and for giving them courage and strength. Father, might each and every new director be bold in their work, trusting that You are guiding their every step and move. May leadership and staff encourage one another, pushing them forward into bigger and greater things.
  • AIM Rescue Team 2016 has been a year of many firsts; join us in celebrating another first that just occurred in a virgin sale case. Lord, we stand in awe of Your continued favor with the AIM Rescue Team. We give You praise for the work that You’re doing through Your people. We thank You that these girls were able to be rescued before they were sold. We thank You for the precedent that this might set for the future. We boldly ask that You would pave the way for more rescues like this to occur in the coming months – that You’d provide the funds, support and favor with local police.
  • Lord’s GymWe’ve started making home visits two times a week and it’s great to be out in the community. We also just had five wins in the last six fights! Lord, we thank You for the new opportunities that are arising to be in the community with the people through our home visits. Guide us to the homes where we are needed most on the days that we’re out on the streets. Continue to be with the training that’s happening in the gym. Continue to build the character and self-esteem of our fighters. May they be driven to do their best and give it their all. And may their work ethic in the gym carry into their homes and relationships with their families.
  • AIM Clinic We’re now making home visits through the AIM Clinic! Lord, we thank You that You gave us this vision and that You’ve provided opportunities to meet people in their homes to receive medical care. We thank You that our Young Disciples are able to join the Clinic Staff on many of these visits and make connections in the community, while learning new skills at the same time. We pray for Your hand of protection as the staff is out making visits, particularly this rainy season. Protect them from the elements and keep them healthy. We pray for continued success with this new outreach opportunity and for the impact that it’ll have in the community.
  • US Office Open House – We had an incredible time together at our recent Open House. We were blessed by 100+ guests and blown away by the excitement of this new space. Lord, thank You for Your provision of this new office space. Thank You for everyone who came to celebrate and pray over this new office. Thank You for the opportunities that will arise for expansion and growth in this new place. We continue to rely on You for the ways in which You’ll use 151 N. Sunrise Ave. Suite 1006 for Your purposes & future! 


  • Health – Several people on our staff and in our care have been suffering from a multitude of ailments. Join us in praying for healing and protection. Lord, You are The Great Healer. You can heal any sickness You so choose. So, Lord, we ask that You would relieve our staff and the children, girls and women in our care from the sickness many of them are fighting. Take away the headaches, the stomach pains and the ulcers. Heal the broken bones. Comfort those in pain and turn their pain and sorrow into joy and rejoicing. We boldly ask for Your healing touch to cover the communities of Svay Pak, Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.
  • China Rescues – Join us in praying over the 80+ girls awaiting their return to Cambodia from China. Lord, be with each and every girl in her unique situation and time of need. Father, comfort them, guide them and give them the peace that only You can provide in situations like these. Protect them, wrap Your loving arms around them and speak Your truth into their lives.
  • AIM Employment Center (AEC) Join us in praying for the expat staff that’s transitioning to new positions and places in life. Also, pray for the many girls seeking jobs in the Svay Pak community. Lord, we, again, give You thanks for our expat staff and their commitment to the AECs all these years. Lord, bless them in their transitions. Bless them in their travel. Bless them as they get settled into new places and new positions all over the world. Father, be with the increased number of women in the Svay Pak community looking for jobs. Continue to provide more and more work at our Employment Centers so that we might be able to employ them, offering them not only a career path, but also hope for the future.
  • AIM Rescue Team We’re seeking prayer for more space for the girls and women coming to us from rescues and raids. We’re also praying over continued resources and funding to maintain the Rescue Team success rates throughout the course of the year. Lord, You know the need is great. You know we are driven to rescue Your people. You also know that we’re limited by finite resources – whether it’s homes for the girls after a raid or funding to rescue all of the girls on our radar. Father, we lay this at Your feet and ask that our plans would align with Your vision. We trust You. We love You. We thank You.
  • Rahab’s House Church The Church has a lot going on these days and we want to be sure to lift up the various programs and people in prayer. Lord, we continue to seek Your wisdom and guidance in the potential of starting a new church. May we follow Your leading, wherever that may go. We specifically ask for Your hand to be upon our outreach to the families in the brick factories. Father, may each family know You and Your love for them. May they see that love through the outreach provided by our staff, students and community. And, Lord, continue to move in the lives of our church members, that they might grow in their relationship with You and that it would ripple out into the community, transforming one life, one family and one home at a time.
  • Lord’s GymJoin us in praying for the 35 men who join us at the Lord’s Gym each month. Lord, You know each of the men who come to the gym every month. You know their situations at home, their struggles and their addictions. You know the needs that they have. We ask that You would use the Lord’s Gym as a place for transformation, not only physically, but also spiritually. May these men build relationships that make them the men You want them to be. May their lives be impacted in such a way that Your light would shine through them and impact other men in the community. We hear the stories of redemption and we give You thanks. We pray that those stories would multiply and transform the whole community of Svay Pak.
  • AIM Restoration Home (ARH)We continue to pray over the construction of the new Restoration Home, for the girls in our care and those that will be joining us in our new home. Lord, You transcend time and space and for that we are thankful. You knew delays would occur in the construction of our new Restoration Home and we trust You with the details and lives impacted by this. God, we boldly ask that there not be any further delay in construction. We pray for encouragement over the staff and girls anxiously awaiting the move into their new home. We also pray for Your hand of guidance over the new programs that have been put in place for our older girls. You know the needs that they have and we pray that this new program would meet and exceed those. Be with the staff as they take on this new opportunity and guide them with each and every step they should take.
  • AIM School – We’re currently wrapping up the school year, so join us in praying for these last couple of weeks. Lord, thank You for another year with our students. Thank You for all that they’ve learned, for the value instilled in them and for the difference they’re making in the culture of Cambodia. Be with our staff and students as we finish up the school year. Protect everyone in our time apart, give us rest and prepare us for the start of the next school year. 
  • AIM Family GatheringOur 2nd Annual AIM Family Gathering was a HUGE success! Attendance not only doubled, but so did the excitement around the vision for the future. Lord, we give You thanks for Your provision at this year’s AIM Family Gathering. We thank You for time spent together – celebrating, dreaming and challenging. We thank You for the commitments made and the dollars raised. We ask that our $150,000 goal would be met in the next month and that the vision would continue to spread and more lives would be impacted because of Your movement through our programs.
  • Partnerships – We’re thankful for so many tremendous partnerships around here at AIM. Join us in giving praise for the many and praying for more to come alongside us. Lord, You are amazing! You bring us partners that we couldn’t have possibly known were coming our way. Whether it’s the local salon or dance studio or internationally recognized rescue funding partners. You’ve instilled a fire in many to join us in this fight against trafficking and we say “Thank you.” We also ask that You would continue to multiply the masses fighting alongside us.
  • The Issue of Trafficking – The 2016 Global Slavery Index has revealed some eye-opening statistics. Join us in praying for the 45.8 million people trapped in some form of modern slavery in 167 countries around the world, specifically Cambodia. Lord, You knew this number before the report ever came out. You know the names of each of the 45.8 million people referenced in this report. Father, make Your presence known and bring Your Justice forth. Burden the hearts of the free to right the injustices that are being done, whether publically or privately. God, we pray for eyes to see the injustices. We pray for ears to hear the cries of the enslaved. And, we pray for courage to rise up and right these wrongs. Lord, today, we not only pray for Cambodia, but we pray for the world of slavery. May Your righteousness rule the earth and wipe out this wrongdoing.

As always, thank you for your prayers and ongoing support. We can’t do any of this without you!

The AIM Staff

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