AIM Restoration Home (ARH)

Rehabilitation, restoration and transitional living are provided for girls rescued from sex trafficking in Cambodia by AIM Restoration Home (ARH). ARH is a safe and secure home and it is the goal of ARH’s loving and nurturing Cambodian staff to return hope for the future to each girl entrusted to their care and to prepare her for successful reintegration into society by providing for her physical, psychosocial, education, vocational and spiritual needs.

Physical needs are met by providing safe, adequate, secure shelter; 3 nutritious meals every day, and healthcare from qualified professionals.

Psychosocial needs are met through on-going therapy with trained counselors and social workers. Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, a 7-step process, is practiced, leading each girl to the place she can verbalize her abuse and find emotional healing.

Education is provided through an on-site school with credentialed teachers for girls in rehabilitative care and private Christian school for girls in transitional living. Most girls have had little education if any. All high school graduates earn a valid Cambodian high school diploma.

Vocational training is offered to every girl as she works towards reintegration. Quality training in fields such as Information Technology, International Cuisine, Tourism, Cosmetology and tailoring are offered.

Spiritual guidance is offered through on-site morning devotions and weekly church services. All girls are loved unconditionally for who they are individually and cared for with equality without regard to race or religious beliefs.

ARH opened in Cambodia at a time of critical need for quality, secure shelters for rescued victims of child sexual exploitation. They have filled that need wonderfully. Their shelter and programs are professional, nurturing and effective. The stories of rehabilitation and hope that result from their efforts are profound and moving. It is our privilege to partner with them in this work in Cambodia.”

Kaign Christy, International Justice Mission

Mi arrived at ARH at the age of 12 after being sold by her mother and abused physically, sexually and emotionally for years. Through the loving guidance of Mi’s counselors and house moms, hope blossomed in Mi’s heart, and she accepted Jesus as her Lord. She applied herself in her academic studies and vocational training, landing a job in a high-profile bakery. Now she creates beautiful cakes for the Prime Minister and the King and earns enough to support herself and her siblings. “I was so happy when I lived at ARH,” Mi writes. “Although being at home there’s many struggles, yet they motivate me to be firm and strong and persevere in dealing with my life circumstances. Every day when I come back from work I teach the poor kids in my community how to read and write so they can live good. I sacrificially lay out my life style to help those kids like ARH helps me no matter how trivial my problem. Now I can help others, and I do it with everything I have and all of my heart.”