49.6 million people are estimated to be living in modern-day slavery worldwide1.

1 in 4 of those living in modern-day slavery are children

6.3 million people are trafficked for sex around the world

4.9 million sex trafficking victims are women and girls

What is Human Trafficking?

Modern day slavery, or human trafficking, is more prevalent than many realize.

Women and girls forced into commercial sex acts to the profit of a trafficker; men and children coerced into working in hazardous conditions under debt bondage and unfair wages… These are just a few examples of the different types of trafficking that exist in the world today.

Human Trafficking in


Agape International Missions Cambodia

At AIM, roughly 40% of survivors we rescue from sex trafficking are minors.

In the tight and winding streets of Phnom Penh, neon lights flash with phrases like “Honey Honey Bar”, “Why Not Bar”, or, just simply “KTV”. Signs out front advertise intimate massages, cheap drinks, and good times, but behind closed doors, there are women and minors waiting for rescue.

Why Cambodia? The country’s unique economic challenges, history, and geographic location made it a hub for targeting, transporting, and harboring trafficking victims. It used to be the child sex trafficking capital of the world, but change is happening…

Cambodia is on Tier 3 of the Trafficking in Persons Report

“In Cambodia culture, a woman or a girl is like white paper. Whenever it falls, and the dirt is on the white paper, even if you try to wash it but cannot. I judge myself. I judge that I am a bad, a dirty girl. But God’s love sets me from when I judge myself… I have hope and His love sets me free.”

Dary Chan
Co-Director Lotus Kids Club
Siem Reap
Human Trafficking in


Amidst a tropical paradise, the country of Belize hides a dark and horrific industry fueled by tourists and seasonal workers looking for cheap entertainment.

Areas such as San Pedro, Punta Gorda, and Belize City are teeming with predators looking to exploit “exotic” minors and vulnerable children who are desperate to support their families or their own education at whatever cost. And the cost is great.

Belize is on Tier 2 of the Trafficking in Persons Report
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AIM’s Response

AIM is working to rescue, heal and empower survivors of trafficking to be free. Because this work doesn’t stop at the rescue. For these girls to truly heal and grow, they need to feel the unconditional, relentless love of Christ. When this love is shown, survivors understand their true worth and value, and then they are able to become truly free. Some even join the fight alongside AIM, helping others like them as social workers, teachers, and more!

In addition to this, our protection programs are targeting the root of the issue by addressing the demand for purchased sex and protecting the vulnerable in the community.

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