6 Women Rescued from China Leads to Reunion After 25 Years

After a 12-year-old girl was abducted from school in 1994, her family was certain they would never see their daughter alive again. Thankfully, they were wrong…

On Wednesday, March 13th, our China Team assisted in rescuing and returning 6 adult female trafficking victims back to Cambodia. During interviews, we soon discovered one of these women had been taken as a child and sold as a domestic slave to a family in China. She was sold several more times before being sold for marriage to a man she now has several children with. She actually wishes to stay in the relationship, but asked for our help to come back and find her family.

The China Team was able to locate the family, who were shocked to hear their beloved daughter was still alive. Sadly, the woman’s father has since passed away, but she was able to reunite with her mother and several other family members after 25 long years.

Unfortunately, the woman doesn’t remember any details of her abductor or trafficker. However, this case is an example and reminder of just how far and wide these trafficking cases exist today, and for the on-going need to continue our work.

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