Trafficking Victim Reunited with His Mother; Suspect Finally Arrested!

After 8 long months, AIM SWAT Team together with T’bong Khmom Police have finally arrested one of the men responsible for trafficking a 20-year-old man last summer.

In July of 2018, a woman from the T’bong Khmom province reported that her son had been trafficked onto a fishing boat in Thailand where he was forced to work with no pay and suffered physical abuse. Thankfully, he managed to escape and was soon detained by Thai authorities as he did not have a passport. The victim’s family along with AIM SWAT and the police officers all travelled to the Cambodia/Thailand border in a joyful reunion and brought him home.

Following his rescue, those responsible for his trafficking were identified in an interview but unfortunately were out of the country at the time. It wasn’t until March of this year that information was received indicating one of the suspects had returned to Cambodia. AIM SWAT put an arrest plan in place with officers from T’Bong Khmom Police, and the suspect was successfully apprehended on Wednesday, March 13th.

The suspect has now been charged with human trafficking related offenses and remanded to prison until his trial. AIM SWAT has been working with the victim to assist with his medical needs and secure employment, and he will be represented in the forthcoming court process by the AIM Legal Team.

Praise God for seeing this through!

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