Husband Assists His Wife After She’s Trafficked to China

Recently, a woman and her husband were approached by another woman with an offer of a high-paying job in China. The wife was to work for a Chinese family and would be able to send money back home to Cambodia.

After arriving in China, the wife was sold to a Chinese man and forcibly married against her will – irrespective of already being legally married to a man in Cambodia. Eventually she managed to call her husband back home, who then made the complaint to police.

At around 10 AM on Thursday, August 9th, officers of the T’bong Khnom Anti-Human Trafficking and Juvenile Protection Police Department, together with AIM SWAT Officers arrested the woman suspected of trafficking the wife to China for marriage. The suspect has been charged with human trafficking offenses and is currently on remand in jail, awaiting trial.

The AIM SWAT Team is currently working with authorities to have the victim returned to Cambodia.

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