The Transformative Power of Education

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AIM School has transformed the community of Svay Pak from a place that’s known for selling children to a place where many kids are now learning, thriving, and growing. Soon, our new building will allow us to more than triple our total student count, and even the skyline of the city will change with its presence.

City-wide changes are impressive, but we also want to share how AIM School is transforming the community on an individual level – family by family. When children start attending AIM School, they’re more than just students to us. They become part of the extended AIM Family, and our staff engages with their families to make sure the kids are safe, loved, supported, and healthy.

This means our care for students reaches far beyond the classroom, and often includes providing for the family’s other needs including food assistance and healthcare through AIM Medical Clinic. We’ve learned that students can truly thrive only once these essential needs are fulfilled, and their risk for exploitation is dramatically reduced when parents aren’t worried about how to feed the family or pay for a medical bill.

Mothers like Channary* share with us all the time how AIM School has impacted the overall well-being and stability of their entire family, as well as their school-age children. It’s all part of AIM’s wholistic approach to fighting and preventing trafficking in Cambodia. When students have a safe place to go, and the family is stable, their risk for being exploited is minimized and they get to have the childhood they deserve.

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(*) Channary’s name has been changed to protect her privacy.

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