AIM Sex Trafficking Prevention Workshop

If you’re tired of just knowing about the problem of sex trafficking, this training is for you! This course will equip you to learn about ways you can prevent sex trafficking in your own community. It’s about committing to freedom on behalf of the victim and the oppressed and heeding God’s call on your life to do justice.

It is about moving from awareness to action.

This course is designed for Christians, but the principles discussed and tools provided are universally applicable. There is no amount of strategy, education or awareness that will solve the problem of trafficking unless there are people willing to sacrifice their time, energy and resources to be part of the answer.

YOU are the answer to the problem of sex trafficking.


The training course is presented in 7 sessions designed for you to take as an individual on your own time or with a group. Each session has a step-by-step guide including:

  • Training Video
  • Handout and Homework
  • Supplemental Writings
  • Online Resources
  • Community Mapping

If you’re leading a group, look for the LEADER’S GUIDE of each session and check the Leaders tab for some additional materials.

It’s easy for someone to hear about the evil of human trafficking and feel hopeless or helpless. I was there several years ago. It can be paralyzing. But the truth is we CAN do something about it. Clayton’s focus on practical and immediate actions is absolutely necessary for any human trafficking course. A class on human trafficking should move people, not leave them feeling paralyzed. Awareness + Action = Abolition.”

Daphne Phung, Executive Director and Founder
California Against Slavery

It’s easy for someone to hear about the evil of human trafficking and feel hopeless or helpless. I waClayton Butler is a credible, authentic, deeply devoted and highly effective abolitionist in the fight against the 21st century slave trade. He is one of those rare individuals who inspires me to believe that we really can turn the tide of this great injustice. It has been my great privilege to learn from Clayton as a personal hero for the past three years. His work, character, and devotion to the victims of sex trafficking is transcended only by his love for God. A true example to those of us seeking to end slavery.”

Benjamin Nolot, President and Founder
Exodus Cry

Session 2: A Case for Hope and the Prevention Template

Learn about the three fundamental ingredients for sex trafficking and how they work together.

Watch Training Videos:

Extra Credit

Session 5: Confronting Demand Part 2 – In the Church and In Our Hearts

The role of the Church is to offer grace and change hearts of perpetrators.

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Extra Credit