Do You Believe in Miracles?

Do you believe in miracles?  I do now.  We’re in Rahab’s House this morning.  Rahab’s House used to be a notorious brothel in the town of Svay Pak, Cambodia.  It was a place were little girls were commercially raped and tortured on a daily basis, multiple times.  It was a place where there were little girls, the youngest of little girls, trafficked throughout Cambodia and Southeast Asia.  But today it’s brand new.  Today it is a place, a community center, where Christ’s love flows through to literally thousands of residents on a daily basis.  Today we are attending a church service and you hear those voices leading worship this morning, well, those are girls from Agape Restoration Center. Girls rescued from sex trafficking led horrible lives who now find hope in Christ and lead others in worshipping him.  The communion this morning was led by Sopheak Mooey.  Sopheak is a security guard at ARC.  The offering the devotion was done by Socheat, who is a maintenance man at ARC.  Special music was done by Chan Thou, one of our drivers and a lead volunteer at the health clinic at Rahab’s House.  And the preaching this morning was done by Chan Tha, our lead driver at ARC.  Among the 200 worshippers this morning are families from Svay Pak, who used to traffic their children, but no longer do.  There are also girls from ARC’s transition center who volunteer every week to set up and tear down for church here at Rahab’s House.  And there is also three young women, three graduates from the program at ARC.  Each one a successful business owner, and each one at one time, held as a sex slave in this former brothel.  But today each one is filled with hope as they sit and worship their Savior.  Yeah, I believe in miracles.

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