The Lord’s Gym is OPEN!

Hey everybody, this is Clayton Butler podcasting on location at the Lord’s Gym, Svay Pak. We’ve officially opened up the gym! We had Dean and Terry a couple weeks ago come in to perform some feats of strength.

Dean and Terry are from Roseville’s Lord’s Gym, and so we were able to gather a great crowd, about 200 people came out to see the show. But we didn’t know if we would actually have a consistent group that would want to exercise, but by God’s grace, we are having about 20 to 30 young men consistently come everyday to exercise. And they are the age group that we wanted to reach; they are about 15 to 30 years old.

And so what we do is when they come to exercise, we start with a devotional time and prayer, and then during exercise time we have worship music playing, and then we close with devotions and prayer again, and they help us to clean up. So it’s been really great to see how the body of Christ has come together to help us launch this gym.

We had volunteers from America come to help, we’ve had God  himself come to gather a crowd, and now we have some missionaries in Cambodia that have come along side us to support us as well. Two Baptist missionaries named Rob and Demetrius have volunteered their time to teach some exercise classes, and these are high caliber missionaries. Rob has been here for 12 years, and so it’s a great honor for him to come and help us lead devotions.

So keep us in prayer. This is an exciting time for us. This is the first time in Svay Pak that we’re ministering not only to the children that are negatively affected by sex trafficking, but also to the same young men in the community that are perpetuating sex trafficking. So we are ministering to both sides of the coin and it’s an exciting opportunity. So please pray that during these devotional times the gospel would go forth in power, that these young men would be transformed. Not just transformed to the extent of coming to Christ, but transformed to such an extent that they would be the ones that are perpetuating the anti-trafficking movement in Svay Pak.

Thank you for your time, God bless you guys.

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