Small Voices, Big Thanks

Four girls from ARC have a very special “Thank You”.

Don: Good Afternoon. We are at ARC, Agape Restoration Center, this afternoon. The girls and staff have just gotten back from their first overnight trip to see Siem Reap. They had a great time on the trip. They visited temples, the national museum, they went to the cultural village, they went to a lake swimming, and just had a great time. And I have four of the girls here with me this afternoon that would just like to say a little bit about the trip and I’m gonna turn it over to them right now.

Bella: Hello, my name is Bella. I just want to say thank you for your support us to go have to have a good trip at Angkor Wat. I really happy to see my country. They have a great temple and when I, when I visit there I see a lot of many many people and I really enjoy there. I really proud, I really proud of my country because have a good, a good temple and want I hope some day you will come and visit there too. It’s the end, I want to say thank you so much. God bless you.

(Whispers and laughing)

Keo: Hello, my name is Keo. It the first time I go there go to see Siem Reap. I am great to be there with all the girls and I can see a lot of people and I can see a lot of beautiful temple. I hope one day you will go there too. And I want to go there again. Thank you for your support (whispers and laughing). I want to say thank you. God bless you.


Chanthy: Hello, my name is Chanthy. I would like to say thank you for your kindness people for my trip to see Siem Reap. We have a good trip. I hope I go there again. You are my blessing. I am really thank you for your generous. Thank you, God bless you, bye.

Don: Sochea do you want to try again?

Sochea: Hello, thank you for support. Hello thank you for support for everybody. We all go to see Siem Reap. We already have been and we all want to you come to go there with us. (whispers and laughing). Bye. God Bless you.

Don: Well, I wish you could be here to see these girls. They’re all very beautiful and they all have very big smiles now that they’re not speaking into the recording. But we thank you so much, We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for all your support of ARC. You are a great blessing to us and we hope someday we can return that to you. God bless you all. Bye now.

Girls: Bye.

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