A Letter From Our CEO

As the year draws to an end, I find myself reflecting on these last 18 years at AIM. I’ve realized that every time we thought we were praying big prayers of faith, God was up to so much more.

When Don and Bridget first launched programs in Cambodia, Bridget prayed for 24 girls to be served at AIM Restoration Home. But God has turned that into over 1,000 young girls who have not only found a home, but also love, stability, and a personal relationship with Jesus.

My own big prayer, back in 2007 when I first joined AIM, was for 16 girls to be rescued. Just 16. But God answered with immeasurably more. In fact, we surpassed 1700 rescues in this last year—100 times more and then some than what I had dared to pray for.

What we have seen in Cambodia is the creation and success of a holistic model for fighting sex trafficking and healing survivors. It’s having a national impact in Jesus’ name and in Jesus’ way. As we continue to focus on the work we are doing and further the reach we currently have, we feel led to expand our community transformation efforts beyond Svay Pak. Like our team member, Kunthy, has shared: “If it can be done in Svay Pak, it can be done anywhere.” This isn’t just about one red light district, but all of them.

God is working on hearts. His Kingdom is expanding in dark, broken places. Jesus is the center of this story, and AIM is at a crucial precipice, poised for exponential impact. Believing that this is God’s global movement, not ours, we readily go where He tells us to go.

There is so much more to come. In Cambodia, we are increasing our restoration efforts by expanding the capacities of our aftercare facilities and moving beyond Svay Pak with our transformation programs. In Belize, we’re in the final stages of purchasing a property where AIM will open a restoration home for underage survivors of trafficking—the first of its kind in the country! Beyond these two regions, we are actively praying for and pursuing opportunities to share AIM’s model of healing and transformation with others God is calling to join in His global movement.

 This year has been marked by extraordinary favor in every rescue, every life transformed, and every new opportunity to expand, but we know there is more to come. Walk with us on this incredible journey as we witness more hearts, lives, and communities transformed, all in Jesus’ name and in Jesus’ way.

For freedom,

Clayton Butler
CEO of Agape International Missions