American Pedophile Under Federal Investigation, 5 Minors Aged 10-15 Rescued

Once again, an American pedophile is behind bars for child prostitution in Cambodia. It breaks our hearts to have to continue rescuing young girls from men like this, but we know there’s hope for the girls to have a future and life of freedom.

On May 22nd, 4 young girls aged 12-15 who were victims of an American named James Cline, along with another 10-year-old girl, were transferred to our Restoration Home by our SWAT Team.

All of the children had been trafficked and forced to beg for money from tourists by a woman who was already under investigation by Siem Reap Police and AIM SWAT for trafficking children in the area. On June 10, the investigation led to the identification of the suspect who was then charged with offenses related to child sex trafficking and child labor.

James Cline has been detained and a federal case is being prepared by the FBI to prosecute him following the results of his trial in Cambodia.

All 5 of the girls are receiving care and will be represented by our legal team in the upcoming court proceedings.

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