#JulesVandaCambo Day 1

#JulesVandaCambo – Day 1

Jules here! We’re here and it was great to be greeted by Don and Bridget and beautiful traditional Cambodian “lei”, not sure if they are called something different here. It doesn’t matter, they are beautiful and they smell amazing! Vanda is glad we didn’t get a rental car because we never would have made it out of the airport parking lot…thank goodness Samol was driving.

We have a special assignment tonight that I’m not sure I can say just yet, I need to clear it with the boss. I’ll have to tell you about it tomorrow. All I can say is at one time when I was very young I wanted to be a detective…now I get to do it!

Gotta go, we are being picked up by Samol for orientation, dinner and assignment! Vanda says “007 Out”!