Jules & Vanda in Cambodia!

AIM’s Julie Harrold and Vanda Borders are taking a trip to our projects and staff in Cambodia! Here’s a letter from Vanda:

This will be my first time to Cambodia. I am so honored to get to see the people God’s given me a heart for and to serve in person. My hope is I will be able to convey the heart of AIM to you, our friends, who don’t get to go to Cambodia. In the next few weeks, we’ll send pictures, videos and stories through blogs on the website, FaceBook and Twitter.

I hope to go with the eyes that God wants me to see with, no personal expectations but an open hand and heart to be used for His purpose. I am looking forward to traveling with Julie, my sweet sister in Christ.

I am soooo excited, I feel like a little kid waiting on Christmas! Checking the list…Passport…check, 4 shots..ouch..check, Cipro, mosquito repellent and flip-flops…check. My sweet husband is playing sherpa and taking Julie and I to San Francisco to do the drop off. We have a 1:40 a.m. flight…AKA…”the wee hours of the morning”…So I wonder if it would look strange if I show up in pajamas??? Praying that I will not worry about all the things I may have forgotten to do. On a serious note, I am praying we will accomplish much for AIM, and be used greatly by God to serve and bless all that we meet while in Cambodia. 

Please say a prayer for us over the next few weeks. Praying blessings back to you. -Vanda