Praises from Cambodia

O my Strength, I sing praise to You; You O God are my fortress, my loving God. Psalm 59: 17

Stories of PRAISE

During Sunday’s service one of the church leadership stood and gave the testimony of her abuse she has kept hidden from her family and friends since she was 9. It was powerful for all to hear, not many a dry eye in the sanctuary. She implored everyone to help keep the children safe. She also proclaimed she didn’t care how many of them go out and talked about her, God will use it to help rescue and restore more.

Saturday we were in the Russian Market with the team. At one shop I started a conversation with the owner. When he heard we live in Svay Pak he said, “O that was such a bad place for little girls, but it is getting better now, the government is doing work there.” No, not the government but God and His people which made him nervous, it’s not good to proclaim against the government in public. Praise God people we don’t know (and don’t know about Jesus yet, but God willing in time will) are hearing about good things in The Pak. Glory to GOD. Pray the people in Cambodia know it is God doing the miracles through His people that suffered terribly in the past. Such restoration all around us, we are truly blessed to witness this.

Many miracle stories of girls at ARC and Rahab’s Houses thriving. Doing well in school, being in the top 3 in classes, improving study and work habits, getting married, running good homes, having children that will, with God’s help, have a great start in life. To see the girls from RHSR go into the villages at night with the pastor and local church to teach English and about God- to give up their free time, is such happiness! Also, for our staff doing so well in their jobs, on going education, marriages, family and raising their children in loving , protective Christian homes. They are great influences in their communities as well.

We are blessed we serve a mighty living God who is our fortress. We are so encouraged by the support and prayers that God showers on AIM ministries.

We had wonderful fellowship with The Crossing team, Brandon & Natasha Butler and their 3 wee ones.

Bridget’s daughter, Brooke, and new grand daughter, Irelyn, are home and Irelyn has gained 8 oz.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, ” plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

Prayer Points

For wisdom, strength and endurance to bring God’s word to the hopeless and to continue to pour into the ones He has brought to us. We see how HE has restored so many here. Makes us hungry for more.

For God’s continued protection, provision, wisdom and strength.

For our Cambodian staff, we are so proud of them taking what they learn at work out into the streets. Pray for them as there is a prejudice against them becoming Christian: it is like being a traitor in the family’s mind. Our neighbor beside us, she really doesn’t mind us so much anymore, (at first she disliked immensely) but still if her 3 year old grandson comes in to Rahab’s House II she quickly snatches him out because she doesn’t want him around Christians. Please pray for staff health, some of them still have health issues from years of hunger, abuse and neglect.

For the deeply hidden abuse memories that were stirred up last week in the church, God bless them and us as we go forward.

For our Western volunteers working here, they have sacrificed so much to be here, God is using them in amazing ways as only He can. Pray they are encouraged and have endurance to keep going as we have great hopes for what God is doing upstream in Phnom Penh, Svay Pak and Siem Reap. We pray we can go into more cities and villages.

Don’s meeting with the General in charge of Anti Trafficking; the first meeting has turned into one of many. Pray for rescues and arrests.

Please pray with us for the future site for the factory that will employ 125 ladies. We also need space to employ villagers to make the palm boxes the bracelets go into. Many opportunities for life changing employment, we just need the space. Speaking of space, the whole block is being set up under a canopy for a weekend wedding!

For Moses and Samantha and the churches they have planted within Cambodia and Viet Nam.

For many family,friends struggling with disease, hard times physically and financially, Christ have mercy.

Every word of God is flawless, He is a shield to those who take refuge in Him. Proverbs 30:5 We’ll be hiding in that refuge this week end.