An Update Letter from Bridget in Cambo

Dear friends,

It’s been a while since I’ve sent prayer updates because Don and I have been traveling all over the US for the last month!

Our trip back to the States was great!

Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 4.14.46 PM

We made some wonderful new friends. Many of them are in Nashville where some of our AIM team put on an event for artists to see how their voice can break chains. It was lovely, fun, rained hard. One of the execs from a recording studio will be coming to visit with Ken Peterson from 3Strands and Phillip LaRue the recording artist in November.


A team from Bayside Church will be arriving the same week as well, with our own Gil Acevedo is coming along! Bayside is in the middle of a 8 week Freedom Project campaign, raising funds and awareness about modern day injustices. They have been incredibly generous supporting AIM!

Don and I made some great connections at an anti trafficking conference in Houston as well where we spent time with Benji Nolot from Exodus Cry who brought you the film Nefarious. Love that guy!

Don was able to teach at Adventure Christian Church our last weekend there. Our hearts are with you!

This Sunday we leave for an anti trafficking conference in Spain, … Olé!

Here are some updates now that we’re settled back at home in Svay Pak, Cambodia. We’ve taken in some new girls at AIM Restoration Home as well as more at-risk boys and girls at AIM Rahab’s House Svay Pak.  It looks as though we are finally able to help Chan Tha and Bunthen expand their living quarters for their family and make it more like home for them and the at-risk girls that live there with them.

121 Church came and blessed our Svay Pak staff with a retreat up in the mountains! It was lovely. I really enjoyed watching the joy and wonder on the staff faces as they watched the scenery change from shacks, dirt, palm trees, to rolling green hills with pine trees! It was so worth the long ride. We had a lot of fun just talking about non-work stuff as well as studying the Word and having great time in worship together. However, I must confess I discovered that terrible awful Candy Crush game…..spent a wee bit too much time lost in that.

Our NEW AIM Employment Center (AEC) is up and running! Lots of sweaters are being made in that place! Our other Employment Center crew is doing well, filling specific bracelets orders, doing more complicated screen printing work and designs. So proud of them!

The rains have been drowning Cambodia. Last we checked almost 122 deaths and over 20,000 families displaced. The River Festival has been cancelled for the 3rd year in a row.

As always please keep praying we do things according to His will and glory, His protection and provision on the work, our families, staff, girls, friends, supporters, Board, prayer partners … oh … someone is PUKING outside … it’s loud and sounds painful. Life in The Pak … always an adventure.