Updates from Steve in Siem Reap

This week’s prayer update is from Steve Gherebean, the Director of Rahab’s House Siem Reap (RHSR)!

  • Recovery after surgeries. Swift recoveries for the rescued girl and her teacher who had heart surgery in Bangkok, and positive follow ups with the local cardiologist. Even though the surgeries are done, there’s always a chance for complications to arise. Please pray that they won’t arise!
  • Our girls here and Rahab’s House in general. One of our girls has an exam to get into a tourism program and it’s a difficult program to get into. Other girls should be graduating their programs soon and we hope to be able to score suitable work and independent living programs for them. We’ve also added another branch of ministry here: Kid’s Club! It turns out there are significant number of community kids who are the children of karaoke workers. They started coming to Rahab’s House when the teams first came and just never stopped. It’s another way we’ve found to provide services to the girls we’re serving.
  • Future Siem Reap ministries. We can’t wait for an Agape Training Center (ATC) and a Bloom Cafe up here! Siem Reap is so lacking in jobs other than tourism related service jobs. Not that those are bad, but the good ones are difficult to get due to a combination of nepotism and competition.
  • The Gherebean family. James and Arella are both sick; this is not uncommon for kids but it’s still hard on them and difficult to deal with as parents. Lygia is still recovering from emergency gallbladder surgery she had while in Bangkok with the young ladies getting heart surgery, although everything looks good. We are going home to the US in November. We pray that we can transition with other AIM staff well and that things don’t fall through the cracks.
  • Brittnay Knight. Please pray Brittnay, a long term volunteer in Siem Reap, gets her support situation figured out and that she’s able to acclimate with whomever will be coming up to Siem Reap.
The California office would also ask that you pray for:
  • Bridget who’s moving her and Don’s US home this week.
  • Andy Blalock who is fundraising for his new long-term volunteer position as AIM’s Field Media Director.
  • The 5 open positions in Cambodia for long-term volunteers would be filled by the right people.
  • The Pink Room Screening’s we’re setting up for the fall!

Steve, his wife Lygia, and their two children helped start up Rahab’s House in the northwestern Cambodian city of Siem Reap last year. You can follow their blog HERE!