Updates, Praises and Prayer from Bridget

Happy Mother’s Day!

We want to wish all women a Happy Mother’s Day! To those who have children, those who have adopted or fostered children and those who have not raised children in their homes but have had a major encouraging impact on those who needed to feel a mother’s love, thank you for all you do to bring love, hope, kindness, compassion and encouragement to the future generations.

People may not know what you do or have done, but God knows and great are your blessings. Praying women around the world feel God’s pleasure and love. To those who struggle, who may feel lonely or depressed about past mistakes or neglect, God will make it good. He can do anything, has done everything to show you HE will make a way, HE will make it good, just turn to Him. Have faith. We send our love and gratitude across the miles from sunny, rainy, hot Cambodia.

O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is Your name in all the earth! You have set Your glory above the heavens.” Psalm 1:1


-Our God is majestic and above all holy, pure and good.
-Don and the team from Northwest Christian University with the leadership of Troy & Dawn Dean arrived safely yesterday. Good to see old friends here again. They came bearing tons of supplies, talents and gifts. Thank you!
-The girls at the Agape Training Center ( ATC) are loving their work, Ken sent some new samples in with Don for them to try. We will be adding to the staff there within the next few weeks. Pray God brings the right girls and staff to grow this project of hope and life. The girls are thrilled to be able to bring their babies to work with them where they will be well cared for, one less thing for them to have to worry about.
-We have a new roof on Rahab’s House 1 which was tested by a huge storm just as it was completed. It passed the test, everyone slept dry and well that night.
-The girls staying at Rahab’s House 1 have a TV now to watch and practice their worship and traditional dance rountines by.
-A teen girl who lives about a km up Rt 5 told Dr. Carla, ” I thank God for what He has done through Rahab’s House. Before I would never come to Svay Pak for anything, this was a dangerous place, no good happened here. Now I can walk down the street and come here to study English, Khmer, computer, keyboard. I would never think this could happen here.” She had to quit school to take care of her family when her mom and dad died a few years back. She is now able to pick up her schooling where she left off. She has hope to improve her circumstances. She always has a big smile, shyly darting about the building going to different classes. Thank you, God.
-Isaac is feeling better, there has been a terrible flu going around. Now some teachers have it. Please pray they feel better fast. In this heat and humidity, it feels so worse.
-The school in SP has hired 17 new staff and adding classes to accommodate all the kids who are so excited to come to school everyday. I and hear them now, loudly -yet a lovely sound- yelling….I mean repeating their lessons. They are so little, such a big noise!
-Chim’s daughters wedding was very beautiful and fun. Praying their marriage is a blessed one. Being a chef, Chim made sure the food and service was amazing! That’s how she, Nary, and the moms and girls that make the meals at ARC do it every day. ARC one of the best places to eat in Cambodia, as well as RHSP, Bunthan and team deliver same great food served with love .
– The Pink Room is being accepted at more film festivals, one being in Ireland. Nefarious has been released for purchase.
-Ratanak Foundation is having our swamp in the back of the 2 Rahab Houses drained, reconfigured for drainage and filled in with clean dirt so will be a usable space. It’s rousting out some rather large rats and snakes, please pray they stay out of the houses and there are no injuries from bites or falls as it’s turning into a really large pit. The sidewalks that were around ti have fallen in as well as part of the large patio section we recently added to help enlarge the kitchen at Rahab’s 2. When the work is done it will be a great usable space for the community as well as ridding us of a big health hazard.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving present your requests to God.” Philippians 4:6


-God knows exactly what we need, so we pray He will see to it that we receive. We have been blessed by God with more than we ever hoped or asked for. Initially we prayed in 5 years to have one ARC with 24 girls. Look at all He is doing here! Praise be to God.
-It is yet again another holiday in Cambodia, celebrating the King’s birthday. Please pray for travel mercies and the schedule rotations so everyone has time off, cooperation, patience, grace.
-Clay will be speaking a Bethel Church this week end in WA. They are launching their anti trafficking awareness and justice campaign.
-As always, prayer for our older teens and reintegrated girls. For the team at RHSP ( Rahab’s House Siem Reap). Word is getting out…don’t let your working girls go to RH, they go for make up or shampoo or study, then they want to quit karaoke work! YES, thank you God. We need to get prepared quickly with excellence for the girls leaving. They need counseling, education, jobs. We want to get another ATC ( Agape Training Center) in Siem Reap very soon. We don’t want them to feel the only recourse is back to the karaoke club and slavery, hence our Father’s Day campaign, Raise Her Ransom. We cannot place a price on their lives nor do we foster paying off the brothel and karaoke managers for their release, but it does cost to keep them out of slavery once they have been rescued or fled. Once we get connected with these children and young ladies there is a cost to provide food, clothes, shelter, counseling, education, medical care, job training, assisting the families of survivors to protect the younger ones at home, etc. There is a price to pay financially, emotionally, time wise, etc.
-For unity within the ministires and staff, all for God’s glory.
-For several sick and needy family, staff and friends.
-For God’s wisdom and strength in all we do to serve Him and His people here and there.
-For the leadership here and USA, for God’s encouragement, wisdom and strength to be clearly evident.
-For evil to be bound from all AIM ministries, staff, girls, families, supporters, prayer partners, the other NGO work partners, churches, everyone.
-Several confidential requests.

Thank you for your faithfulness, kindness and generosity to what God is doing through AIM. Praying you feel His pleasure with you in a powerful way this week.

Bridget Brewster