Prayer points from Cambo

Hello Friends!

I know you just got a quarterly update but would like to focus in on this week and some prayer points we have.

There was a farewell party for Jared who has managed one of our AIM Employment Centers for the last year. He will be returning to Florida to work at the family tomato farm outside Tampa.

Bridget, Sarah, Matt, Don
Bridget, Sarah, Matt, Don

Matt & Sarah Richardson from Bethel Church in WA arrived this past week. Matt will take over Jared’s job and Sarah will be in charge of firming up the Emergency Foster Care program. Chyanne Ledbetter arrived as well to help at the school at RHSP. Many of you have known her as the office volunteer and official pastry chef of AIMHQ for the last year. The USHQ loss is Cambodia’s gain! Welcome Chyanne!

The landlords of ARH had all the girls and staff over for breakfast and lunch, swimming and dancing. It was quite the day! They have a huge property on the river south of Phnom Penh. They have their own river walk, fruit plantation, several small houses, one huge wooden home for the family. You should see the place! They were so very sweet to the girls and staff.

We had to temporarily remove one of the girls from AIM Restoration Home due to her extreme sexual/physical abuse trauma. She was too violent to live with the staff and other girls. She’s bitten house moms and broke the skin, made them bleed, kicked other girls. Getting her some extra help at a hospital and she’ll be back on Monday so please be in prayer for her healing.

Pray for our Undercover Team that is very busy with multiple critical operations.

We have a team from Hong Kong arriving Sunday to fix a house in The Pak over the next week. This is a team of 12 university students … I love young people on fire to make a difference!

Several individuals and teams are touring The Pak. One group the Grace and Peace Gals (Directors of AIM School) know from China took the kids to an amusement park called Dreamland in Phnom Penh for some fun. They loved riding by the Royal Palace, all kinds of new sights. Many of them haven’t been out of the neighborhood, so it was a great field trip. Thank you, Team!

Pam & Derek, our staff pastors, are putting together a marriage seminar for our many newly married couples. Answer to prayer, thank you both!

It’s been raining a lot, very hot, many of the national staff are sick. As always, please pray for God’s provision as we are coming into a tight period. God has always been faithful, why would He stop now? We have faith and hope.

God bless you for your faithful meeting and praying for us. Praying God heaps His blessings on you richly.

In gratitude and affection,
AIM Cambodia

Bridget Brewster

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