AIM Quarterly Updates | Fall 2014

Dear Friends,

We recently received one of the most profound encouragements in AIM’s history.

A visitor to Cambodia who has decades of experience consulting with nonprofits shared that he was astounded at the love our in-country teachers and volunteers have for those they serve. Our team truly loves each child as their own. 

Click to See New Positions!
Click to See New Positions!

This is one of AIM’s core values – to be Jesus to the One. And this value has been tested greatly this quarter.

One girl was trapped in China.

One boy needed heart surgery.

One child was trafficked to Thailand for his kidney.

We could look at all of the work it takes to make a difference to one person and say it isn’t worth it. But aren’t you glad Jesus said “Yes,” to you?

In our hearts we know that the work and sacrifice are worth it. Not only are they worth it now, but they will be worthwhile forever. 

We have a lot to celebrate this quarter like a new retail store opening in Phnom Penh, successful brothel raids and rescues, new staff, expanding our facilities and much more. 

Click to Commit to Freedom Today!
Click to Commit to Freedom Today!

Please dig in and discover how God is moving in Cambodia. Pray for us and our projects, but most importantly, pray for the one. 

Thank you for your generous and continued support of Agape International Missions. You are one person making a worthwhile difference forever.

You can continue in the fight with us, or maybe take your next step of faith, when you GIVE, GET and GO


Committed to Freedom,

Don & Bridget Brewster


Updates This Quarter




Sek Ron’s Heart Miracle

Heart for Sek RonLittle Sek Ron, the son of one of our staff members in Cambodia, was in desperate need of heart surgery to keep his 2 year-old body alive.

Heart surgeries aren’t technically AIM’s mission. We AIM to defeat sex trafficking through the transforming power of Jesus, but Jesus didn’t look at our needs and dismiss them on technicalities. He saw our needs as a means to relationship. Jesus didn’t turn us away.

And so we set out to help little Sek Ron.

We settled on an expensive option — an $84,000 surgery in Thailand. There were several other less-expensive methods, but none of them fit the best timeline for his health or the best team for a successful procedure. Dr. Dave Browne, a member of our board who is a pediatrician said it perfectly, “If Sek Ron was my son, this would be my only option.”

God provided the $84,000 needed to cover his surgery and recovery, and just hours before the surgery was scheduled to occur!

The surgery was postponed, but has since occurred and it was a success! He is recovering slowly but surely. It’s a long road ahead with some outlying unknowns, like the possibility of a pacemaker, but he’s through the first step and going strong. Please keep Sek Ron, and his parents, in your prayers these coming days, weeks and months.

We want to thank so many of you for hearing the need and meeting it with above-and-beyond donations, prayer and connections for possible doctors, foundations, and the like.

Because of you, this little guy, this one, will have a chance to grow up and join the fight against sex trafficking alongside his parents.

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Women Rescued from Job Ploy in China

Welcome HomeThere has been a rise of Cambodian women being moved to China over the past six to twelve months.

Many of these women are persuaded to go with some variation of the same underlying theme, “You’ll be able to work in China for more pay and in a better job.”  We see a clear way forward that this will be a large focus of our efforts in 2015 as we continue to say “yes” to the one.

Currently, we’re caring for 6 young women who were trafficked to China and have successfully been repatriated back to Cambodia. One young woman was reintegrated back to her family and aspires to finish high school and become a doctor. She expressed, before she left, how Jesus is in her heart and that she now has a new hope. Praise God!

Please continue to pray for us as we explore new opportunities to end this trend and quickly.

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Raids, Arrests & Rescues

Brothel Raid 2Our Investigations Team has been in action for about 7 months now and we’re making tremendous progress. The team is growing as we have dozens of cases added every month.

The first organ trafficking case in Cambodia was handled by our team last month, leading to the arrest and charge of 3 people and the rescue of 5 victims.

Additionally, this past quarter, we completed 4 brothel raids, leading to 7 immediate arrests and 20 rescues.


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School: Securing a Better Future

SchoolWe’re seeing tremendous growth and transformation in the community through the AIM school.

With 394 students enrolled, we’re helping parents view their children in a different light. The education these kids receive increases their value in their families’ eyes, helping to secure a better future for them, and helping to keep these ones out of sex trafficking.

Our school expansion project is still underway as we finalize the design and continue to fundraise. We have quite the waiting list for the school, and believe our new project will be a tremendous gift to the community, providing space for 1,500 students and impacting 5,000 people throughout the community.

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From Victims to Overcomers
by Don Brewster

In our last update, I reported about an incident where a Cambodian volunteer had been arrested for sexually abusing two boys at Rahab’s House Church. I’d like to update you on the progress of that situation. A few days ago, I testified in the trial and heard the victims testify as well.

I am deeply proud of these heroic young boys.

They testified with incredible bravery and courage and, because they received the care and love of Jesus Christ through our counseling staff, they were able to move from victims to overcomers.

While the trial has concluded, the sentencing won’t be made for several weeks. Please continue to pray for healing for these young boys and for the perpetrator.

To ensure this never happens again, our updated standards for Cambodian volunteers require a high school diploma and the completion of our 2-year discipleship program. We will be vigilant with all of our policies and procedures in the care of these valuable lives, and we will continue to fight human trafficking in Cambodia.

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More Rescues, More ROOM!

New ResidenceWe’re excited to unveil an addition to our housing options for the young women rescued from sex trafficking. With a full Restoration Home and more girls and women coming to AIM weekly from the Investigations Team’s efforts, we’ve added expanded residences for up to 30 new rescues. In order to continue our efforts to the one, we needed more room!

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Retail Store: Fearfully and Wonderfully Made.

made.AIM’s very first retail store has officially opened its doors in Phnom Penh, Cambodia!

This isn’t just any retail store though, it’s a clothing and accessories store active in the fight against sex trafficking.

This is part of AIM’s Reintegration efforts as it will sell products made at AIM Employment Center (AEC). The more products we sell, the more women we employ!

Our products are unique; each item handcrafted by local artisans who are survivors of sex trafficking. Each and every purchase, whether a purse, a piece of jewelry, or an article of clothing, provides sustainability in jobs and the continued opportunity for life transformation for these young women.

While we’re still in the soft launch phase, our grand opening is only a a few short days away on September 29. We can’t wait to see how God will use this store to impact the community, tourists, survivors and beyond!

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PROJECTS by the Numbers

AIM Employment Centers
Center 1: 96 employees, compared to 88 in May
Center 2: 99 employees, compared to 68 in May
Center 3: 19 employees, compared to 18 in May

AIM Restoration Home 
71 girls receiving care, compared to 44 in May

Rahab’s House Svay Pak
Foster Care for 20 kids and the welcoming of a new director
Medical Care for 556 patients, compared to 180 in May
Medical Care for 250 family members, compared to 150 in May
Education for 394 students, compared in 353 in May
Social Work Home Visits for 74, compared to 45 in May

Siem Reap Programs
Rahab’s Transitional Home houses 16 young women
We’re in relationship with 32 young women
We’re working to help 6 young women leave sex trafficking

Investigations Team
21 new investigations

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