Updates from Cambo


  • “V” is still in Teen Challenge, her kids are doing great, the baby now has gained another 2 kilo. She runs around in a walker, waving and talking and making funny faces at everyone. Her brother is doing very well, too.
  • We have more new learning tools at AIM Restoration Home: learning is even more fun!

brandon and tasha

  • Brandon and Natasha Butler and their 3 small children are moving to Cambodia to help with the projects in Siem Reap! Clayton and Emily Butler are returning to Siem Reap this week.
  • Our SECOND AIM Employment Center is nearly ready in Svay Pak! The first wave of trainees are doing well. We currently have 125 employees and need 200 total. Please pray for the new applicants.
  • The Bayside team did some outreach in Siem Reap, experienced some 3rd world travel problems, but blessed heaps of people. The Lakeside team did some travel to see what God is doing. Pastor has so much fun explaining Lakeside and Bayside name description to the congregation, everyone laughed but he tickled himself the most. Funny.
  • Master’s Plan has made a great donation to AIM’s work!
  • So grateful for all AIM staff and volunteers, board, girls, supporters and prayer partners, other NGO partners. Grateful for family and friends.


  • Our staff gathers very critical information to rescue girls. We are praying for 2 different successful rescues very soon.
  • “E” has fled. Last Sunday she was very affected by worship and so grateful for all the love all the staff showered on her. Please pray for her safety and return. Pray for the staff hearts, they are so sad.
  • It’s with a heavy heart that we share about the passing of a trafficking survivor. Today we buried a former AIM Restoration Home girl who transferred out to another NGO. She succumbed to AIDs and the many complications that go with the disease. Our staff and girls who knew her are bereft. We know she is whole and healthy with Jesus as that was one Truth she took with her from our Restoration Home. Her dying words were of regret that she treated our staff poorly, she did not follow their good advice, and she loved everyone and missed the great food. If she could just turn back the time, she would have done it differently, but it was too late. Sobering words for the girls to hear. It was balm to the staff’s soul to know they were appreciated and loved. She was a spirited one.
  • Our Adventure Christian Church team is coming but their arrival date is postponed until later in the week due to a typhoon.
  • For our staff’s health. A bad flu has hit hard here.