Siem Reap Brothel/Massage Parlor Officially CLOSED; 5 Survivors Rescued

Five women, including two minors, were rescued during a successful raid on Thursday, March 7th thanks to the efforts of the Siem Reap Police and AIM SWAT Team.

After a short-term surveillance operation confirmed that a local brothel fronting as a massage parlor was selling minors for sex, the raid was executed and one suspected trafficker was arrested.

Following the search for and seizure of evidence, the brothel was officially closed by the local authorities. The victims admitted that they were being sold to the profit of the trafficker, who was subsequently charged with child sex trafficking-related offenses and will remain in prison until the trial.

The three adult survivors have been transferred to the Government Social Affairs Department. The two minors are being cared for a partner aftercare shelter and will be represented by the AIM SWAT Legal Team throughout the upcoming court process.

Praise God!

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