From Restaurant to Motel – Undercover Operation Leads to 5 Minors and 1 Woman Rescued

A 6-month investigation began after the AIM SWAT Team and Kandal Police received information that a local restaurant manager was selling minor girls for sex and delivering them to customers at a motel in Kandal province. The investigation proved successful when a covert operation was executed on February 28th and resulted in the rescue of 5 minor girls and 1 adult woman who were in the process of being sold to the undercover officers.

The survivors confirmed they were being sold for sex to the profit of the suspect, who also made partial admissions during interviews following the operation. The suspect was arrested at the scene and has been charged with child sex trafficking related offenses, awaiting their trial from prison.

The girls are receiving aftercare from the AIM team at our restoration home and the woman has been transferred to our Transitional Home in Svay Pak. All of the survivors will receive representation from the AIM SWAT Legal Team throughout this case.

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