‘Hair Salon’ Brothel Uncovered; 6 Survivors Rescued in Raid

AIM SWAT and Cambodian law enforcement launched a covert surveillance operation after learning that minors were being sold for sex to customers at a hair salon in central Phnom Penh. This information was confirmed one month later and a raid of the premise was authorized by the Phnom Penh prosecutor.

With the support of the AIM SWAT Team, officers of the Phnom Penh Anti-Human Trafficking and Juvenile Protection Police (AHTJPP) conducted the raid on February 27th where 1 minor girl and 5 adult women were rescued, followed by the arrest of 2 suspects. After interviews and the search and seizure of evidence, the salon was officially closed by local authorities and both suspects were charged with sex trafficking-related offenses. They have been remanded pending their upcoming trail.

The adult women survivors were transferred to the Government Social Affairs office while the minor is being treated and cared for at the AIM Restoration Home and will be represented by AIM’s legal team throughout the trial.

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