Don Brewster’s TedX Talk on Sex Trafficking

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Agape International Missions’ Founder, Don Brewster, recently spoke at TedX Laguna Blanca School about how miracles happen when human trafficking is fought through a holistic approach. To exemplify the success of the holistic method, he shared the story of Smey, a survivor of sex trafficking in Cambodia who was rescued at age 9 from the house of a U.S. man who continually abused her.

After living in our Restoration Home for about two years, she moved to the U.S. to testify against the man. She graduated high school, got married, started her own jewelry company, and recently moved back to Cambodia to help restore survivors of trafficking with AIM.

AIM’s approach to end sex trafficking consists of fighting on four fronts:

  • Prevention: Stopping trafficking before it starts by protecting the vulnerable and confronting the demand for purchased sex
  • Rescue: Raiding brothels to rescue girls out of trafficking and arrest their trafficker
  • Restoration: Providing survivors with love, hope, healing and the tools for a brand new life that will last a lifetime
  • Reintegration: Ensuring survivors feel valued, loved, and are placed in a strong community with a sustainable job

Learn about the miracles that happen when these four battlefronts are fought in Don’s TedX talk.

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