Soknang – A Commitment to Community

If you’ve visited AIM on a short-term mission trip, chances are you’ve met Soknang. His full-circle testimony leaves us in awe of how God can get ahold of a life, change it, and use it for good.

When Soknang was young, his family was very poor. They relocated to Svay Pak when he was only 3 years old in hopes of finding better employment, but life was still hard. “My parents didn’t have enough money to send me to school,” Soknang shares. He was left — like many kids we meet — to find work and fend for himself on the city streets. As he grew older, he acknowledges that he used drugs and was surrounded by bad influences. “My friends did not know Christ,” Soknang remembers, “…and neither did I.”

All of that changed when Soknang heard about a mission team that was teaching English for free at AIM. He knew that if he could learn the language he’d have better chances at getting a higher paying job. See how AIMs commitment to the community transforms lives.

Soknang began coming to AIM’s English classes, and God began working out His greater plan for this young man’s life. It wasn’t too long before Soknang felt God working on his heart, and soon he became as interested in learning about God as he was in learning English. Eventually, he asked Pastor Chanta if he could become a disciple at Rahab’s House Church.

As Soknang’s faith and fluency grew in tandem, the Lord pressed into his heart a deep love for his community and a desire to serve the people around him. “After I believed in God, my life changed a lot through Him,” he shares. Soknang was amazed at AIM’s commitment to the community and talks about how English classes, the brick factory outreach, and medical outreach stand out to him as ways that AIM changes lives. He decided he wanted to give back by becoming an English teacher.

Now, Soknang is studying for an English major at University. AIM has provided him with a scholarship to pursue his dream. His job as AIM’s Team Liaison helps him provide for himself as well as his whole family. As Soknang shares about these blessings, his common theme is community — how AIM has changed Svay Pak, and how he wants to be a part of it all.

When Soknang graduates with his English degree, he plans to continue teaching English at AIM. “I know there are many children in this community who don’t have the chance to go to school,” he shares, reflecting on his own childhood. “I want to be an English teacher to serve them.”

“In the future, I truly have hope for the Svay Pak community to see a big transformation,” says Soknang. We’re amazed at our great God, who calls people like Soknang to AIM, transforms their lives, and uses them to transform the community alongside us!

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