Sex Trafficker Arrested After Months on the Run

Siem Reap police received intel that young girls were being sold for sex in a brothel parading as a massage parlor.

This led to the launch of a surveillance operation and a plan was set into motion to rescue the young ladies. The Cambodian Police and the AIM SWAT Team raided the brothel on the evening of December 4th where 3 women and 2 minors were rescued, and 1 suspect was arrested. Following the raid, criminal evidence was uncovered, and the brothel was collaboratively shut down by the police, local authorities, and the prosecutor.

The victims gave testimony and the 2 minors are now receiving help at a partner aftercare shelter and the 3 women were sent to the local district social affairs department. The suspect awaits trial from prison and is being charged with human trafficking crimes.


As of September of 2020, three more traffickers were identified making this a four-offender case. They were all tried and found guilty! The four were sentenced to a combined total of 31 years imprisonment and ordered to pay the victims compensation. Three of these four offenders are in prison, while the fourth is on the run. AIM SWAT and local police will continue to search for this last offender and bring them to justice.

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