From Brothel to SWAT: Chariya’s Story

This year, we rescued our 1,000th victim of human trafficking and exploitation. Over 40% of the girls rescued from sex trafficking were minors. Immediately after being rescued, these girls meet Chariya*, who was in a similar situation as them not too long ago.

Chariya was trafficked and sold to an average of nine men each night before fleeing to AIM. She went through our restoration programs and was hired at our employment center to make bracelets.

After her shifts, she took social work classes to pursue her dreams of helping sex trafficking survivors feel valued and loved. Recently, that dream became reality. She joined our SWAT Team as a social worker and is now helping restore and counsel women directly after being rescued.

Lives are being transformed because of the commitment of our family of donors. But, this is just the beginning. Please join us this Christmas season by donating today to help free women and children and empower them to start a new life.

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