Woman Arrested for Trafficking 3 Minors

A 15-year-old and her mother filed a complaint with police that the girl had been persuaded to accompany a woman to a local hotel where she was handed over to a man who paid the woman to have sex with the girl. During the subsequent investigation, police discovered that the same woman was in the process of trafficking another 2 minors for sex.

During the evening of Monday, August 20th, Cambodian law enforcement* and our SWAT Team arrested the adult female suspected of trafficking the 15-year-old girl and two other minors for sex.

The suspect was charged with child sex trafficking related offenses and is now in prison awaiting trial. The AIM SWAT Legal Team will represent the victim through the forthcoming court process, and our AIM Aftercare Team is working with the victim and her family to provide aftercare services.

*Officers of the Phnom Penh Military Anti-Human Trafficking and Juvenile Protection Police Department (AHTJPP) and AIM SWAT were involved in this arrest.

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