February 2016 Prayer Updates

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Here is my servant, whom I uphold, my chosen one in whom I delight; I will put my Spirit on him, and he will bring justice to the nations. – Isaiah 42:1

Last month you heard testimony of your prayers being felt on the ground in Cambodia (See that prayer update HERE). This month, we’re thrilled to share the above video of some of our staff praying over the new land and building for AIM Restoration Home (yes, that’s the same land that we just bought in January!).

Please join us in praying over our programs this month and in giving praise for the amazing things God has done, and is doing, in and through His people.


  • AIM Restoration Home – Construction has begun! Continue to join us in prayer and praise for this new building and the multitudes of lives that will be forever changed because of your generosity and commitment to not only rescue, but also restore, the precious lives saved from trafficking. Praise God for new land! Praise God for a new building! Praise God for His favor in a speedy construction process. Pray for continued favor during construction. Pray for the girls that will join us in their new home, that God might begin to prepare their hearts for what lies ahead. Pray for our staff as they prepare for a move later this spring. Pray for safety both during construction and the move.
  • AIM School Expansion – Construction is back on! Are you sensing a theme? God is definitely building some great things through AIM in 2016. Praise God that we’re able to pick back up on the construction of the school. Pray for safety on the job site and for funds to continue (and finish) this construction project. Pray for the kids that will soon be sitting in these classrooms, for their lives to be transformed and their families to be impacted in mighty ways. 
  • AIM Employment Center – Our product offerings continue to expand with each new month. And, February brought a new Director of AEC Sales & Marketing, Jim Burman. Praise God for His continued blessing over AIM’s reintegration programs. Praise God for Jim and the multitude of ideas and gifts he brings to AIM. We pray for new and continued partnerships,  for innovation in our offerings and for an increase in orders.


  • Travel – 7 US Staff members and 2 key volunteers will be traveling to Cambodia later TODAY for AIM’s first almost-all-staff conference! We’re excited to spend some time together, encouraging and challenging one another. Pray for safety in travel and for a truly fruitful and meaningful time together. Also pray over the final details that are being assembled for the conference. Don, Bridget and Stephanie are also finishing up their time in Hong Kong. Join us in lifting up prayers of blessing over our friends and partners in Hong Kong. Pray for reconnections and unified vision and for safety in travel.
  • China Rescues – We continue to give praise for the 39 girls who have safely returned home to Cambodia from China and offer prayer for the 60+ still awaiting their return. Pray for our staff as they take calls and pray with those in seemingly hopeless situations in China. Lord, provide opportunities for rescue that only YOU can make possible. Continue to protect Your daughters until they’re able to return to safety, wrap Your protective, comforting arms around them. 
  • AIM Clinic – We give praise for our ability to see and serve patients that might otherwise not receive any kind of healthcare. We’re thankful for the vision clinic we conducted where care was provided for about 450 people. Pray for us as we seek to expand the clinic to provide home visits. Also, pray that more and more people will seek prayer during their time with us and that God will break down walls and open hearts and minds to receive Him. 
  • Emergency Foster Care – Most of our kids in Emergency Foster Care (EFC) are doing really well academically, socially and spiritually and we simply ask for continued prayer in holistic health for each child in our care. Pray that every child would know that they are loved and that their life has value and meaning. Pray for the large number of kids who come to EFC after being abandoned by their care givers; may they know God’s love, His stamp upon their lives and the value that they hold in His kingdom. May the lies of Satan flee from their hearts and minds. 
  • Lord’s Gym – We’re thankful for the 30+ men than join us at the Gym for training and fitness. We ask that God would continue to use our presence in the community. Pray for more men to join us at the gym. Pray for transformation in the lives of the men working out in the gym, may they be able to rise up and defeat the struggles facing them in day-to-day life. May God reign victorious in their homes and in their lives.
  • Made Store – We’ve had many new designs and products added to our inventory in 2016. Pray for guidance as we continue to create new products at our Employment Centers for sale in the store. May innovation continue and may our customer base continue to grow with it.
  • Siem Reap Outreach Center – We’re seeing an increase in connections with girls in the Siem Reap community. Pray that even more girls would hear about the Outreach Center and come to learn more about it themselves. We continue to pray for those awaiting new jobs, that work would come quickly. And we pray a hedge of protection over the families and the lives of each girl with whom we come in contact. 
  • Rahab’s House Church– Continue to pray for that presence in the community would grow and grow beyond anything we dreamed possible. We give praise for the 2 people who accepted Christ this past month and pray that even more would come to know Him. We pray for God’s guidance in an opportunity to begin a second church, may He guide our path and direct us in the way we should go.
  • AIM School – We continue to give praise for the opportunities around the corner with a new school building, but we seek your prayers for our current situation. Pray for the 48 kids on our English class enrollment list. We seek God’s guidance in finding the 12 classrooms we need to house these students in English classes. We pray for our students anxiously waiting to return to school. And we pray for continued funds for the construction of the new school. 
  • Rahab’s House Siem Reap – We pray for God’s hand of protection over the girls who’ve recently been reintegrated. May their lives be a reflection of Christ and may He protect them from any harm that may come their way.
  • AIM Rescue Team – Our Rescue Team continues to have God-sized goals for the expansion and reach of the team this year. We give praise for the strong start we’ve seen in 2016 and we ask for God’s continued hand of guidance with our innovative ideas in the fight against child sex trafficking. 

As always, thank you for your prayers and ongoing support. We can’t do any of this without you!

The AIM Staff

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