January 2016 Prayer Updates

If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.”          – Matthew 21:22

Prayer, it lends hope to circumstances that seem hopeless. It doesn’t matter who we are, where we come from, or what situation we face, God hears our cries.

Just last month, we received testament of the power of prayer on the ground in Cambodia. A girl in one of our programs recently received devastating news about her health. She had (and still has) a long journey ahead of her, fighting for not only her health but also for her life. But she didn’t enter this unknown, terrifying season alone, she entered it bathed in your prayers. And she felt those very prayers amidst times of timidity and fear. She felt your prayers in her dreams and it calmed her fears. God hears your prayers and He is using them to bring comfort, peace and healing to those in need in Cambodia. So, please, keep praying!

Amazing praises from a great start to 2016:

  • AIM Restoration Home – In the fall, we mentioned that the building we rent for our Restoration Home had been sold. At that time, you joined us in praying for the right building for our girls. Shortly after that email went out, we were offered some land in Phnom Penh with a new facility that would be larger and custom built for our needs. This was incredible news, except that we needed $250,000 to cover the cost of the move. Earlier this month, we received $250,000 plus a little extra, just a few days before our deadline. Construction has already begun and we look forward to our move later this spring. Praise God that people responded to the challenge and made this new facility possible. We praise God for what lies ahead for our Restoration Home and each girl who lives there.
  • AIM School Expansion – Our school building is still in the works but we were recently presented with an opportunity to purchase some of the land surrounding the new school site. While the offer was fair, we didn’t have the money budgeted to make the purchase. Our staff prayed, and you prayed, for God’s timing and resources to come together perfectly… and they did! Earlier this month, we received a very generous donation designated for our School and it completely covered the cost of purchasing the land. This makes it possible for us to have sports classes and camps and provides space for future expansion. And if that wasn’t enough, we received another very generous donation that enabled us to begin work on the next phase of the school! Praise God for His generous outpouring to AIM through His people. 
  • New Life – Many of the women in our programs are having babies. We give praise for these precious new lives and for the lives that gave them breath. Join us in praise and prayer for God’s plan for these mothers and babies. 

Prayer requests from the ground:

  • Health – The woman whose story is mentioned above is still facing some hard days ahead. Please keep her health and optimism in your prayers.
  • AIM School – While we give praise for the opportunities that our new building will make possible, we seek your prayers for the students of our English classes. Just this week we had to temporarily cancel classes due to a lack of space. Join us in praying for 12 classrooms to house these English classes until our new building in done. Also, pray for the students who are affected by this. Continue to pray for ongoing funds for the construction of the new school. 
  • China Rescues – We give praise for the 37 girls who have already safely returned home to Cambodia from China. We’re also thankful that others are starting to call us for rescue. We ask that God would protect these girls while they are in China and on their return trip home. May He protect each of these daughters and bring them back quickly and safely. 
  • AIM Clinic – It’s been 6 months since the fire in Svay Pak. The homes have been rebuilt and lives are returning to what they once were. If you recall, there was one burn victim from the fire whom we helped. We’re so thankful for the healing that’s taken place and for the transformation we’ve seen in so many aspects of her life. Continue to pray for healing and safety for her and her family in the coming months. 
  • Lord’s Gym – During a recent fight, one of our fighters was knocked out. Please pray for a full recovery for him. Also, join us in praying over the neighboring villages, that their men might begin to come to gym. Pray that more men would step away from their contribution to the problem of sex trafficking and join us in the fight against it.
  • Rahab’s House Church– We’d like to begin hosting a large event one Saturday of the month for the community. Please join us in praying for the preparations, funds and planning to go with this vision. We also held a wedding last month and 11 people accepted Christ. Join us in praying for their spiritual growth and new life in Christ.
  • Siem Reap Outreach Center – Join us in praying for the girls who are waiting for new jobs. Pray that good job opportunities would open up for these women soon. 
  • AIM Rescue Team – Our Rescue Team has some God-sized goals for the expansion and reach of the team this year. Together, we pray for success in our efforts to increase rescues and arrests and to employ innovative ideas in the fight against child sex trafficking. We seek God’s hand of protection, innovation and blessing. 
  • AIM Employment Centers – Our Employment Centers are always looking for more orders. Why? Because the more orders we have, the more women we can employ. We ask for a flood of orders, bringing in plenty of work for all of our women and those yet to be hired. 

As always, thank you for your prayers and ongoing support. We couldn’t do what we’ve been called to without your prayers and support.

The AIM Staff

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