Story of Hope: Human Trafficking Awareness Week 2

Human Trafficking Awareness Day was just 2 days ago and people everywhere hosted awareness-raising events with the goal of bringing hope and freedom to those being trafficked.

You can bring hope and freedom to others this month, too!

LeakMeet Leak. She’s a survivor of sex trafficking and a voice of hope for others.

Leak was drugged by a friend’s boyfriend and sold to a pimp. She was forced to use drugs and often beaten when she didn’t do what was expected of her. Leak didn’t think her reality would change. She was worried because she didn’t know how she’d ever get out of the brothel. That’s when AIM came to set her free.

Leak first stayed at our Restoration Home where she found healing and new life in Jesus Christ. Here’s what Leak says about her journey, “…since I believed in God, the bad things were taken away from me. When I listen to God’s Word, my heart becomes better.” Leak now works at AIM Employment Center and shares her story to bring help and hope to others. Hear Leak tell her whole story HERE.

Leak’s request to everyone reading this is that you’d support those who’ve been abused.

Leak has been set free by Jesus and now she’s bringing freedom to others.

We challenge you to do the same.

You don’t have to be a survivor of sex trafficking to bring freedom to others; you simply have to be willing to rise up and take your Freedom Mandate.

This Human Trafficking Awareness Month we’re asking you to do 3 simple things:

1) Give monthly (any amount makes a difference!).

2) Ask your church to accept their Freedom Mandate.

3) Share your Freedom Mandate.

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Get started on #3 now! Share this blog post.

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