Give the Gift of Freedom

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Thanksgiving is here, and Christmas is just around the corner already! As we enter this season, our minds are drawn to memories made throughout the year and for the many things that we have to be thankful.

Below we’ve highlighted a few of our programs where we’ve seen God move in great ways in 2016. We’ve reached new milestones and have been blessed to see many lives changed by the goodness of Jesus.

We invite you to make a difference in the lives of children, women and communities affected by human trafficking in Cambodia this Christmas. Your gift makes a tremendous impact!


AIM School

eofy-2016-aim-schoolOver 125 students now attend AIM School, where they are receiving a valuable education while being kept off the streets and out of the reach of traffickers. Bible lessons and biblical principles are interwoven throughout the Khmer curriculum of literacy, math, life skills and ESL.


AIM School was opened in 2011 as an accredited school with two kindergarten classes, and this year we got to see those kids start 5th grade!

Consider supporting AIM School as a way of preventing child sex trafficking in Cambodia.

$50 Supports 1 child at AIM School for a month

$1,000 Supports a class of 20 kids for a month

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AIM Restoration Home (ARH)

eofy-2016-arhAt ARH, rescued girls receive physical, psychological and spiritual care that renews their hope for the future and prepares them for reintegration into society. Just this month, we celebrated the Grand Opening of the new AIM Restoration Home building, where we can safely care for more girls than ever before.


You can help provide restorative care and show the love of Christ to survivors of trafficking by supporting AIM Restoration Home.

$250 Covers the cost of care for a rescued girl at ARH for a week

$7,500 Provides for a rescued girl’s entire time at ARH

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eofy-2016-aim-swat-teamIt’s been an incredible year for the AIM SWAT Team, which works with police to collect evidence, investigate crimes, arrest perpetrators and rescue victims from sexual exploitation. This year, the team surpassed 40 raids, and reached a new milestone with their 100th underage rescue. As of 2016, AIM SWAT Team has rescued over 600 people from traffickers.


You can join the very real fight against human trafficking and give the gift of freedom this season by supporting the AIM SWAT team.

$1,000 Funds an AIM SWAT Rescue Operation

$25,500 Funds a month of investigations and up to 4 raids 

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