Malaysian Couple Arrested for Trafficking Cambodian Woman

A Malaysian couple was detained at a hotel in Kampong Thom province by AIM SWAT and local police on March 28th. They are suspected of being involved in the trafficking of a 30-year-old Cambodian woman to Malaysia.

The couple supposedly brought the victim back to Cambodia in order to try and traffick her younger sister to Malaysia as well. When the sister’s employer learned this, he reported the matter to the police who in turn requested our assistance.

The investigation showed that the victim had been taken when she was 18 years old and forced to work inside the couple’s home every day without pay or being allowed to leave. It’s possible that the victim suffered physical and mental abuse and currently shows signs of mental health problems.

The couple admitted they worked the victim without paying her for 12 years, but denied detaining her in their house.

Criminal charges of the suspects are being considered; meanwhile, the victim has been transferred to our restoration home.

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