From Brothel to Bride

Maly became a refugee at AIM Rahab House (ARH) in Siem Reap. After years working in brothels and living at a Karaoke Club, she was told, “If you want to run, you have a home with us.” Maly ran.

At ARH, she received healing and began a restorative relationship with Jesus. She was able to enroll in a university and continue her education, and is joyfully working at a hotel.

She also met a Christian young man who wants to love and cherish her forever. He asked her to marry him and Maly said ‘YES’!

He was working out of town but Pastor Chantha was able to find him a new job in town–at the same hotel Maly was working at! Now they can start a new life under the same roof!

December 9th was their wedding!

All of the AIM family gathered around them to bless their special day and life to come. A number of AIM staff came up from Phnom Penh to help and join in the festivities. Pastor Chantha conducted the ceremony, Bunthan organized the food, Andy did wedding photography and everyone celebrated!

Only she and her fiancee are Christian. The rest of their friends and family were interested in hearing about Jesus and seeing how He restored and transformed this couple.

We give thanks to God for the miraculous new life of Maly that extended from her, to a marriage, to an entire community hearing about Jesus. God is WINNING!

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