Grand Opening of our New Culinary School

We launched our new culinary school in September, 2018 in partnership with Open Gate International that will empower survivors of trafficking with marketable job skills. Sustainable employment is incredibly important to protect women who have suffered abuse from further exploitation. These women will be equipped with culinary skills to gain an entry level position in Cambodia’s growing hospitality industry.

The AIM Culinary School will prepare classes of 10 students each over the course of 6 months to become entry level line cooks, worthy of working in the world-class kitchens of Cambodia’s new luxury hotels and restaurants.

Classes will be taught at a building near AIM Restoration Home along with literacy, math, and life skills courses to build the ladies’ overall skillset and confidence. The curriculum includes hands-on training, the science behind cooking, and cooking theory.

Open Gate International’s Executive Director and Life Skills Mentor, Judy Lamborn, and Global Chef Brent Southcombe trained AIM staff how to teach the curriculum and set the students up for success. We’re thrilled to start this initiative with our pilot class of four ladies. More than that, we look forward to seeing what God will do through this program to equip and empower these and many others to live lives of freedom with great jobs in the hospitality industry!

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