We Can’t Fight this Fight Alone


Human trafficking is thought to be the one of the largest criminal industries in the world. It is estimated that over 40 million people are held in modern day slavery, with 4.8 million of those being in sexual exploitation and 1.2 million being children. There are many approaches to ending this evil and there are many amazing organizations around the world tackling different aspects of the problem. When we come together to fight, we are even stronger. That’s why AIM has been partnering with O.U.R. for the past 5 years, working to rescue and heal survivors and bring justice to the traffickers. 

OUR Rescue

O.U.R. has been working to end trafficking since 2013. Their approach utilizes expertise in extraction and rescue. Their team consists of former CIA, law enforcement (both former and current), and skilled operatives. Once a rescue is carried out, they are committed to following through with justice for the perpetrators and aftercare for the survivors.. 

AIM and O.U.R. work together when possible, sharing resources and information. This cooperation helps us to catch and arrest more traffickers while rescuing more men, women, and children. For example, with the help of O.U.R., AIM SWAT was able to rescue 21 survivors and arrest 9 traffickers!

Together, we have rescued over 700 children from slavery and arrested over 200 traffickers! These survivors are now getting the love and care they need. We are incredibly thankful to be working with OUR. Be sure to check out their website at ourrescue.org and on Instagram and Facebook. Together, we can all bring freedom to those being trafficked around the world!

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