“The Honey Honey Bar” Shut Down for Good!

3 minors and 2 adults are now free from the horrors of sex trafficking!

On September 28th, 2020, AIM SWAT and local police made their way to the center of Phnom Penh to a bar called “The Honey Honey Bar”. Under neon lights and beer advertisements, the bar was selling more than just beverages. It needed to be stopped. 

Honey Honey Bar Shut Down
Police shut down The Honey Honey Bar

Earlier, a 13-year-old girl had filed a complaint that the bar manager had sold her for sex to customers of the bar. This prompted AIM SWAT to launch a covert operation, where they confirmed that minors were forced to work in this bar and were being sold to customers, mostly foreigners, to the profit of the bar manager and two other suspects.

Inside Honey Honey Bar
Inside The Honey Honey Bar

As the raid ensued, authorities rescued 3 minor girls and 2 women, escorting them out of the building and to safety. During interviews with police, the survivors explained how they were sold to customers to profit the suspects. The minors were then brought to AIM’s Restoration Home to receive healing, where they will be loved and valued. The adults were transferred to the Phnom Penh District Social Affairs Office to receive assistance and care as well. 

The suspects have been charged with child sex trafficking related offenses. They will remain in prison until their trial. During this trial, AIM’s legal team will represent all victims and ensure justice is fulfilled.

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Thanks to our incredible partners at Operation Underground Railroad, Life Outreach International, and modern-day abolitionists like YOU, we get to rescue these children from the unimaginable. Together we fight against the world’s greatest evil, doing whatever it takes to defeat it.