Prayer for Cambodia

I will praise the Lord at all times: His praise shall continually be in my mouth. Psalm 34:1


Our trip to Korea was a huge blessing. We love the heart of Seoul, just amazing people on fire for Christ and justice. Thank you OEM Church!
The Evans family have been here for a year! The year has flown by, they have been a blessing to so many.
Clay & Emily Butler arrive next week in Siem Reap!
The Power Team, Terry, Dean & Shane arrive today to work in The Lord’s Gym and do outreach. God uses them in great ways to reach the toughest of the tough.
Team from Sydney Full Gospel Australia blessing Svay Pak with their gifts and talents. Thank you so much!
All staff in Cambodia & USA work their utmost for His highest, we are inspired minute to minute by all the great people God has place around us.
English classes and outreach are blessing Siem Reap.
The school and the different outreach ministries in Svay Pak are changing that community. When Jesus’ church goes out onto the battlefield, battles are being won. The war on slavery will be won in our lifetime if we go.
Great message Don gave this past Sunday in Korea. OEM church will be sending it out via satellite so it can be seen in the USA.
ARC girls are doing so well, growing thriving, enjoying childhood again.
Don feeling better, me too!


For God’s continued protection, provision, wisdom, strength and joy in all circumstances. Some days when we see evil being flaunted in our face and it seems evil is winning, we need to stop, pray and remember we win because of Christ.
For Alf & Kelly as they live with the reality of the demands, the ups and downs of ministry here. They along with 4 others working for AIM have recently been robbed.
For Clay & Emily as they prepare to leave next week.
For all staff to be wrapped in God’s grace, and strength. Please pray for unity and endurance. So many are struggling with illness. Our Cambodian staff, due to years of malnutrition, particularly struggle. They also struggle with past abuse and traumas.
One teacher’s family is battling the government and corrupt neighbors to keep their home. The government is widening the road so their home which is in the way is marked for demolition and the neighbor supposedly had paper work showing ownership, but oops, it’s disappeared and they won’t help. AIM is doing what they can for them.
A multi million dollar corporation in Hong Kong wants to partner with us if we can provide a building in Svay Pak. They will provide 125 high quality, self sustaining jobs if we find or provide the building which was there until negotiations went sideways! Suddenly the price became way out of the ball park.
For the people we minister to; they listen to the Truth and it penetrates their minds and hearts.
For Moses and Samantha’s work. They recently had books printed showing Buddha’s teaching were pointing to Christ and Christ is the Truth and the Way. The government recently called him in for a meeting to discuss they disapprove of this writing and to stop writing the book. Pray for the government to change their decision on this.
Family & friends struggling with cancer, various physical and financial afflictions. Our daughter Brooke had been in the hospital since last week end, 33 weeks pregnant, baby breech and contractions started. She and baby are stable so far. Over this coming week end they will access their condition and make a decision on how to proceed for the next week. Baby girl’s name is Irelin Marie.

For all of our families, friends, supporters, prayer partners, we would not be able to do all we do with out your support , encouragement, prayers, and love. We pray God heaps His rich blessings back on you as He does for us through His Holy Spirt and you.

Philippians 4:8