The Rotary Club of Sacramento is asking for partners to match a grant in order to help start up an Agape Training Center in Siem Reap!

There are over 2000 known girls ages 16 and up who are currently trapped in the karaoke bars.  They may not be chained or held in a pen but they are emotionally and mentally bound and believe that the karaoke bar is their only option to provide for their families.

The Agape Training Center (ATC) is an exciting new project that will offer rescued girls’ vocational training and employment.

If you are a member of your local Rotary Club and are interested in being a partner please contact John Phair at or Clayton Lee at

DOUBLE YOUR IMPACT: Now through May 31st, your gift to fight trafficking will be matched!
GIVING TUESDAY: All gifts will be MATCHED dollar-for-dollar!