9 New Students, 3 Girls Testifying. AIM Updates!

As a father has compassion on his children, so the LORD has compassion on those who fear him. Psalm103:13 

Happy Father’s Day to all the great men who have compassion and help the orphans and widows, particularly in this ministry. These young girls before coming to ARC and Rahab’s House only knew the brutal, terrifying side of men. They are grateful and so happy for the good, Godly men they see on staff and in the groups coming to serve. They know about you through your prayer and financial support as well. They are puzzled by you, but terrifically grateful and happy for you in their lives now. Praying you feel His love and our love on this Father’s Day 2012.

In gratitude,
Team AIM


Praise God we are His children and for His faithfulness! On Friday, Moses will present Don with an honorary doctorate degree from Agape University. Moses has all the approval and paper work formalizing his and Samantha’s dream for Agape University. They both continue to work in discipleship and educating people on human trafficking through the churches they have planted throughout Cambodia and Vietnam.

Another Svay Pak girl was rescued from the province this week. Five girls recently leaving the karaoke clubs from another province and SP will go into safe living and start work at Agape Training Center (ATC). Please pray for their transition, healing and work ethic. They are excited and scared as are some of the staff.

The Rahab’s House school took in 9 new students. Rachel told us one student has not been at school for a while, so they went to visit the home to see what had happened. His mother sent him to school with 500 riel ( 8 cents) every morning, and he would come home from school every day at lunch. Oops, not so. That 500 riel bought him an hour of game playing at the internet cafe midway from home to school. Now everyone has the memo, if he doesn’t show up, they know where to find him. The teachers are doing an awesome job loving and teaching the kids. Most parents have to send their child to school with at least 500 riel as a bribe for the teacher to teach their child. Otherwise they are sent home or are banished to a corner of the room or outside. They now know The Rahab School does not accept bribes, they just teach and love for the sake of Christ, no riel bribes accepted! The school is making an effort to do home visits regularly and the families really appreciate it. In fact one family decided to keep sending their child to school because of the home visit. So praise and pray they can keep up with the hectic schedule.

Team Bayside rockin’ the Pak, outreach daily to the brick yards as well as all the usual. Agape Restoration Center (ARC) is looking forward to their party and they are hosting a party for Rahab’s House Svay Pak (RHSP) on Sunday as well! Thank you Team! A team from Adventure Church is getting ready to serve at the end of June thru beginning of July.

A church member brought baskets of a fried confection to hand out to everyone after service on Sunday. She was so happy she could do it and she blessed hundreds! The smile on her face was the best!

SO far so good with Dai, she is at her safe house, moving forward in her new life, again. Please continue to pray, she has had at least 4 unsuccessful new starts, we are praying, praying. Glory!

The Saturday study for GOD CHANGE ME was at capacity and we all walked away with some great new tools to help us.

The Lord’s Gym competitive kickboxing team is training diligently, praying for some wins this weekend. Last week one poor fella went up agains a very experienced fighter (over 40 fights compared to his 3). I guess it’s best said he is going to train harder and seek his own level of competition, got a little too confident.

And my God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus. To our God and Father be glory for ever and ever. Amen.” Philippians 4:19-20


For Dai and other reintegrated girls to flee temptations and turn to God. One of our reintegrated ladies is pregnant and doing yama, speed. She has fallen on some hard times, due to poor decisions, and no faith. We just love her and pray the blinders will fall off her ears, mind, heart and spirit.

We are going to be stretching the Agape Training Center (ATC) girls to give back to the community in acts of service. Pray for the program and their/our attitudes and living out our faith.

Kelly & Don are working on honing the counseling program, pray for all to work for God’s glory, leave pride at the door. This team covers all ARC, reintegrated ladies and some SP girls. Please pray for endurance and unity.

Three of the karaoke girls are willing to testify in court, working with International Justice Mission (IJM). Please pray for all involved, for courage and boldness, for justice. They feel very strongly about justice being served, which is difficult in such a corrupt country, but God is bigger than all this corruption.

Some people are coming from TX and CA (Amy & Mike Johnson and children and Amber Pryor) to work with the teachers and develop the Child Care Program at Agape Training Center (ATC). We are grateful for them. Please pray as they get ready to serve the summer at ARC and ATC.

For God’s protection on all AIM ministries, staff, girls, families supporters. For unity and grace between all staff and girls. For financial support to keep the work going here and there. We have family and friends fighting depression, very hard financial times, disease.