Woman Arrested for Selling Girls to China for Sex

On October 18th, Cambodian Police of the Kratie and Rattanakiri provinces, along with the AIM SWAT Team, successfully arrested a woman suspected of trafficking young women. The suspect’s very own daughters were amongst the group of women trafficked to China where they were purchased for sex and marriage.

One month prior to this woman’s arrest, Cambodian law enforcement — aided by the AIM SWAT team — arrested two other suspects in the Kratie province. These arrests were made possible because a mother of one of the victims filed a report that her daughter had been forcibly taken to China the previous year.

Several victims managed to escape, including two of the daughters of the first suspect. The victims have returned to Cambodia where they made statements to the police and provided details on their mother’s crimes against them.

Upon hearing the testimonies of the daughters, the prosecutor decided that the mother is responsible for operating the trafficking ring. The suspect is being charged with human trafficking crimes and will remain imprisoned until her trial is complete. The AIM SWAT legal team will represent the victims throughout the forthcoming court process.

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