Human Trafficking Awareness Month Part 1

Human Trafficking Awareness Month 2017: The Kingdom of Wonder Part 1

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Cambodia is a land rich with beauty yet plagued with poverty and a past full of pain. This is where AIM works. More importantly, this where we see God working. Join us this January, Human Trafficking Awareness Month, as we share videos, pictures and stories to give a glimpse of the work happening in this exotic land they call “The Kingdom of Wonder.”

This 4-part series will invite you into the life and history of Cambodia.

  • Part 1 introduces you to Cambodia and what you can expect from Human Trafficking Awareness Month 2017.
  • Part 2 provides you with the history of the genocide that occurred under the Khmer Rouge (1975 – 1979). You’ll hear one man’s testimony and learn how this part of Cambodia’s history is impacting life today.
  • Part 3 gives a glimpse into modern-day slavery in Cambodia. This can be seen in brick factories, garment factories and the sex industry throughout the country.
  • Part 4 tells of AIM’s work to fight trafficking and shares what God is doing to bring restoration to the country of Cambodia.

Freedom is coming!