May 2016 Prayer Updates

And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people.” – Ephesians 6:18

This Spring has been full of excitement, encouragement and anticipation! We’ve seen tremendous growth and we’ve been extremely blessed in so many areas of our work. From the construction of the new AIM Restoration Home and the move of the US Office to the 2nd Annual AIM Family Gathering and the exciting new developments within our AIM Employment Center.

We invite you to join us in giving praise for the amazing things that God has done, and is doing, in Cambodia and right here in the US. We also seek your prayers over the specific needs within each of our programs.

Thank you for lifting up these requests alongside us! 


  • US Office – Yesterday was moving day! Our US Office outgrew our original space on Vernon Street and, thanks to a dozen amazing volunteers, we moved! Our new address is 151 N. Sunrise Ave. Suite 1006 Roseville, CA 95661.
    We praise you, God, for Your provision of our office on Vernon Street for all these years. And for Your provision of this new office space where our work can continue to expand and grow. God, we pray over the finances for the new space and claim that 151 N. Sunrise will be a place of profound impact for Your Kingdom and Your work in Cambodia.

  • AIM Restoration Home – Construction continues strong as we near Opening Month at our new AIM Restoration Home later this summer. The 2nd Annual AIM Family Gathering has already raised close to $124,000, fully funding Opening Month and putting us well on the way to covering month 2. Continue to join us in prayer and praise for the life transformation that will take place in this new building.
    God, we praise You for our new building! We praise You for the lives we’ll be able to impact in this beautiful new space. We ask for safety on the job site and on-time completion of construction. We pray over each girl now in our care at AIM Restoration Home as they prepare for the upcoming move. We lift up each girl that will receive care in our new facility in the future. Lord, we ask for Your hand of protection and guidance over every aspect of our Restoration Home.

  • AIM Family Gathering – We’re humbled by the outpouring of attendance, encouragement, financial support and blessing at this year’s 2nd AIM Family Gathering. With double the attendance and an increase of giving over last year, we’re in awe of how God has blessed us through so many of you.
    Lord, we thank You for this bolstering of encouragement. For the incredible blessing of funding the first 2 months of the grand opening of our new AIM Restoration Home, we give praise. We thank You for the outpouring of love and support, and for what it makes possible in Cambodia.

  • AIM Employment Center – We give praise for the growth and transition that’s taking place at our AIM Employment Centers. We’re thankful for the increase in orders and for the commitment our expat staff has had all these years. We also give praise that soon all three employment centers will be led by Cambodian directors. We also give thanks for our partnership with 3Strands. We’re stronger together when we partner to employ reintegrated survivors through AIM Employment Center. And now, 3Strands is on the way to becoming the brand of AIM, supporting us through funding, resourcing and awareness.
    God, we praise You for the tremendous movement happening within our Employment Centers, for strong leadership, for the increase in orders and for amazing partnerships and extended reach through 3Strands branding. Lord, we pray for Your protection over these programs. Where so many good things are happening, Satan will be lurking. We know our God is greater and we ask for Your hand of protection and unity. We also pray for new and continued partnerships with churches, organizations and individuals, for innovation in our products and a continual increase in orders, which means an increase in available jobs. Lord, we give You praise!

  • Creative Partnerships – This Spring we’ve seen so many people use their communities and their gifts to support the work of AIM and we’re humbled. Whether it’s our partnership with Hope Outfitters selling shirts  or the partnership with Sovereign Sandals selling sandals, the Run for Rice set up by a church partner or Run for AIM set up by a school partner, we’ve seen a lot. We’ve had artists, tailors, dancers, hairdressers and a multitude of others doing what they do best but all with the focus of raising awareness and action in the fight against trafficking.
    Lord, we thank You that not everyone has the same gift. We thank You for using creativity to further Your work and Your Kingdom. We thank You for these, and all, of our partners. Father, we ask that even more people would see that they can do something, that nothing is too small in the fight against trafficking. Father, awaken Your passion in Your people to do Your work using the gifts of Your equipping.

  • New Lives – Following rescue and restoration, we often see stories of victory in the reintegration of many girls and young women. Today, we give praise for all of the girls and women who have received the love, care and restoration that only Jesus Christ can bring.
    God, we give praise for transformation. We give thanks for new life. We praise You for the work that You’re doing in and through so many girls and women. We’re inspired by the bravery and new look at life that these girls have and we’re honored to be a part of the journey. Lord, encourage, protect and build up each of the girls, each of the women, in our programs. Continue to be their rock, their guidance and their strength.  


  • Travel – Don and Bridget are back in Cambodia and Clay and Emily are in the United States for a few months, traveling to connect with several churches and partners. Many of the staff on the ground in Cambodia are traveling this spring/summer and with summer just around the corner, that means lots of teams coming to Cambodia, too.  So, join us in lifting up prayers of blessing and protection over Don and Bridget. Pray for reconnections, unified vision and safety in travel over Clay and Emily. Pray for times of refreshment and encouragement for our staff on the ground in Cambodia as they return home and take time to refuel and reconnect. Lord, be with the multitude of teams as they prep for upcoming travel to Cambodia. Prepare their hearts and minds. May they hear Your vision for these trips over their own plans. Do Your work in their lives.

  • China Rescues – We continue to give praise for the 41 girls who have safely returned home to Cambodia from China and offer prayer for the growing list of girls awaiting their return. We seek ongoing prayer for our staff as they take calls and pray with those in seemingly hopeless situations in China. Lord, provide a way out for each of these young women. Open windows and doors, leave passports in readily accessible areas and open the borders so that these daughters might flea their current situations and return safely to Cambodia. Until the time is right, Lord, keep these girls safe. Protect them. Comfort them. Wrap your loving arms around them. May they hear Your voice, Your truth and Your call upon their lives. And, Lord, guide our steps as we lay groundwork for this area of rescue. May we lean on You and Your direction for what to do next.

  • Emergency Family Care – You might have noticed that we changed the name! We found that at EFC, we care for the whole family rather than function solely as foster care, so we’ve updated our name. Please join us in praying over the staff amidst transitions and new hires. Praise God for the new bedding from a faithful church partner earlier this spring. We pray that God would continue to make His presence known to the families in our care. Lord, may each and every child in our care know that they are loved. May they have Your hope that they’ll soon be reunited with their families.

  • Lord’s Gym – We’re thankful for the 35+ men than join us at the Lord’s Gym for training and fitness. We ask that God would continue to expand our presence in the community and in relationship with men throughout Svay Pak. Lord, we ask for Your guidance as we begin to extend our reach through the ministry of social work. We ask that You would build these relationships so that they might honor You. We ask for Your hand of protection over our staff and the young men as they travel and fight. May You be the victor in every aspect of their lives.

  • Rahab’s House Church– We’re thankful that Rahab’s House Church has a place in Svay Pak and that we’re able to pour into, strengthen and encourage many individuals and families throughout the community. Heavenly Father, we pray that multitudes of people would come to know You and Your true salvation. We pray for Your guidance in the opportunity to begin a second church, may You lead our path and direct us in the way we should go. Please, provide us with small groups leaders, space for the church services and answers to all of the details that come with this tremendous opportunity. May You lead and we simply follow.

  • AIM Rescue Team – Our Rescue Team continues to have bold goals for this year, the start of our third year in existence. Lord, we give praise for the strong start we’ve had thus far and we ask for Your provision to sustain our current success rate. Please provide the funds needed for each and every raid brought to our attention. Strengthen our staff. Comfort the girls throughout the process of the rescue and transition into our Restoration Home. Lord, You are all-powerful, only You can stamp out the evil of child sex trafficking. We’re honored to be a vessel whom You’ve elected to use. May we follow Your lead in each and every season and situation. May we be a force to positively influence the capacity and effectiveness of anti-trafficking efforts in EVERY province of Cambodia.

  • AIM School – We continue to give praise for the opportunities around the corner with a new school. Lord, we are thankful for the new land and the abundance of opportunity ahead. At this time, we ask for Your hand to be over the process, over the starting and stopping of construction and over all of the details. Lord, be with the many students who are anxious to join AIM School in the new facility. Be with the finances needed to fund the remainder of this project. Lord, we are ready but may we be patient in waiting on You and Your timing.

  • AIM Clinic We’re thankful for the ongoing ministry of our AIM Clinic. Lord, we give thanks for the ministry that’s able to occur through our AIM Clinic. We ask that You’d transcend time so that we’re able to see more patients in a short time period. Lord, please guide us as we seek to expand the clinic to provide home visits. Also, we pray that more and more people would seek prayer during their time with us and that You, Father, would break down walls and open hearts and minds to receive Your truth and Your salvation.

  • Made Store – Lord, we pray for continued guidance as we strive to create new products at our Employment Centers for sale in the store. God, we also ask for Your provision in an ongoing costumer base and a continual increase in sales.

  • Siem Reap Outreach Center – We continue to see an increase in connections with girls in the Siem Reap community. Lord, we ask that You would continue to spread the word about the assistance available at the Outreach Center. We ask for Your hand of protection over the families and the lives of each girl with whom we come in contact. May help, healing and restoration take place in Your timing.

  • Rahab’s House Siem Reap – We pray for God’s hand of protection over the girls who’ve recently been reintegrated. May their lives be a reflection of Christ and may He protect them from any harm that may come their way. Lord, we also ask that You would comfort many of the girls currently facing family health issues, death and a multitude of other challenges. May they rely on You and seek Your guidance in how to proceed.

  • Freedom Mandate – Lord, we ask that You would ignite a fire in the Church to fight for freedom, to stand up to the injustice that is human trafficking and to be filled with a passion that comes only from You. May You multiply the number of church partners in our Freedom Mandate initiative and may freedom abound for the multitudes.

  • US Office – Once the dust has settled on the move to our new office, we’ll be hosting an Open House. Lord, we pray for the new office space to come together. We pray that the details of the Open House would come together with ease and that our new space would be a welcoming office to all who enter it. 

As always, thank you for your prayers and ongoing support. We can’t do any of this without you!

The AIM Staff

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