AIM Updates!

Through Jesus, therefore, let us continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise – the fruit of lips that confess His name. Hebrews 13:15

The AIM US office staff, all our partners and every person who has been blessed by her life, love and sacrifice, wish a heartfelt HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our Bridget Brewster! We love you dearly. Your life has changed many others for the glory of God. Health, peace and joy to you today and throughout the coming year!


  • God is good everyday, He knows each of us.
  • Sad to see team Bayside leave. They were a delight and blessed everyone. Thank you for your encouragement, support and prayers.
  • 121 Church Team arrived last night. We are excited to see them.
  • Doctors from LA & Sacramento area have been busy blessing Svay Pak. They go into the province Saturday and return Monday to be with us one last day.
  • Agape Training Center (ATC) young women are working hard. Our leadership team there is amazing, we are blessed.
  • Svay Pak team–what can we say?– we are so proud! Many people come into the dental clinic we don’t know, they don’t know us or what we are about. There’s a lot of domestic violence in this country and, when it would errupt in the clinic, our staff was quick to stop it and explain why they shouldn’t be beating their kids because they are scared. They soothed many scared, crying children and adults.
  • Agape Restoration Center (ARC) staff is working hard to make learning fun! They encourage and love each girl personally. We have 8 young ladies that are currently studying English outside of ARC! Two more will join them in January when the new term begins at the English school!
  • Last weekend we were able to transfer 6 young women to a more independent living situation with Ratanak (RAP Home) . We are sad to see them go, BUT so excited that they have accomplished so much and were ready for this next step in their lives.
  • Rahab’s House Siem Reap (RHSR) had fun with the Bayside team, enjoying Laura & Brittany.
  • We love seeing how the relationships between married national staff is one of friendship and love, we know this makes God happy and we are so delighted to see this lived out. We don’t see other couples outside the Christian community enjoy this same bond. Praying they are a light in the darkness in their communities.
  • One of our ATC ladies got married earlier this week! It was a small sweet, rather loud wedding. They seem so young to us, but they were so happy! Pray God blesses them and they seek Him in all areas of their new life together. On our way out ran into one of our first reintegrated girls, her husband and baby. She fell off our radar, and it’s God’s miraculous provision to be in contact with her again. It’s our aim (no pun intended) to remain in contact with each girl always. They need to know and remember no matter what we are always available for them and God is always with them.
  • USA staff working on Agape Safe Families, promoting The Pink Room, working for Feed My Starving Children. I am grateful for God surrounding us with such amazing people who daily pour themselves out for Him and His people.

Look to the Lord and His strength; seek His face always. 1 Chronicles 16:11


  • For all the ongoing issues of protection, provision, strength, wisdom, all for His glory.
  • There is some sort of flu bug going thru SP and the teams. However some if could be due to the spicy river clams they love to eat, for some of them, not all.
  • For T, Dr Carla’s adopted daughter, she had emergency appendectomy yesterday. They recently moved to a new home near Sisarat. Pray they get settled, are safe and for health, rest and peace.
  • Alf and Kelly Evans son, Trey, started school locally. Pray the transition goes well for him and the family. They are doing great work here for Christ as well as Isaac, Andy, Laura , Brittany, Dr Carla.
  • Pray for no infections for all the people who had teeth removed at the clinic this past week.
  • Please pray that the Holy Spirit would sweep through this country. Unless we allow Him to change us, nothing will ever change.
  • Please pray for continued cooperation between all the organizations working on the trafficking issue, for no miscommunications or misunderstandings. We want to be a blessing and be blessed as well.
  • Please pray against the corruption that can be seen in every level of the fight, God can break this stronghold. Guide us and give us boldness.
  • For safety for all the children we minister to here, many still get trafficked, the domestic violence is another epidemic we struggle with and travel to and from RHSP is always risky.
  • Traffic is crazy this week end and thru next week for ASEAN Conference in Phnom Penh. President Obama & Secretary of State Clinton will be here. The police are herding up the street adults and children, taking them outside the city to a temporary holding camp so the visitors won’t be offended by their presence. Making a “clean sweep” of the place.
  • Several friends and family battling various illnesses and life situations.
  • Special request for provision for ongoing fundamentals for ARC, ATC and the Rahab’s Houses.

We are thankful for Jesus and His sacrifice, for our faith and salvation. We are grateful for God , His mercy and grace. We are grateful for our family, friends and America. We are grateful you don’t forget us, but pray, support and encourage us. We are grateful for all of our blessings, big and small, for our health and water for a shower and toilet flushing. Being over here we forgot it’s Thanksgiving time, we pray we have this gratitude every day. God bless you all, praying you feel how happy HE is with you. We are happy, too!

– Bridget Brewster in Cambodia